Friday, March 20, 2015

sunday walk.

last sunday we left our apartment all together; ben was going home teaching (he's a good & faithful servant), & norah & i were going for a walk around our neighborhood to get some fresh urr. i had ben snap a few photos of us before we parted ways (you can spot our stroller there in the background - i love that thing).

i think the fact that we didn't bring norah out into the 10 degree weather that was happening the entire first month of her life means that she's still getting used to the sun (even if it was cloudy that day):

anyway, on our walk norah & i (who am i kidding? norah was asleep within five minutes of being in the stroller, which works like a charm like that every time we put her in it. again, i love that thing) eventually made our way over to the cathedral of st. john the divine, which we love around here. more specifically, we/i checked out the biblical garden, which is a little gem hidden around towards the back of the cathedral grounds. the biblical garden's whole idea is that it "uses only plant life that existed in the Holy Land at the time of Christ or before and all plants are mentioned in the Bible" (i am literally just quoting the text in the very next picture you're about to see). 

anyway, i started visiting the garden a lot with my nanny girls when we would go for our walks, & now it's fun to bring my own daughter there, & it's all the circle of life, & etc.

pretty candles:

for example:

meanwhile, the cathedral also manages to elevate the quotidian (humorously & religiously, of course):

i mean,

in conclusion, let's move on from signs about poop to this radical & breathtaking sculptural depiction of good versus evil, among other things:

maybe one day norah will be awake when we make this walk to the cathedral? it's hard to say - that stroller is d*mn effective.

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