Friday, March 20, 2015

this week, around the internet.

love, love this blogger's thoughts of documenting children in the age of internet over-sharing.

for our miss norah, who has the typically-a-boy's-name-for-a-middle-name eliot: girls with boys' names rule!

lena dunham's guest turn on scandal this week: all sorts of meta feels.

i just finished this book; boy's sassy, humorous tone of voice surprised me (in a good way).

the symbolism of black eyeliner (the one makeup product i may NEVER perfect in this life, urrrg).

i started following this instagram account lately & i'm real excited about it.

norah's first swim lesson happened this week! 

& this is so old, but i rewatched this video from ellen recently & it's as funny as it has ever, ever been.

these are fantastic & i absolutely want them, but for that price! #sigh #prettytolookat

i devoured this entire article this morning while nursing norah. it is sad, & poignant...& has me terrified. send help! :)

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