Sunday, April 26, 2015

lds history tour.

a few weeks ago the church youth group ben & i help out with went on a walking tour of lower manhattan. we visited several different sites that were significant in the budding early days of the lds church in the 1800s. it was actually really, really fascinating! i was surprised by how much i enjoyed it. i had no idea there were so many cool sites to check out here; i mean, it's the sort of thing that, when you think "church history" you don't necessarily think "new york city," right? i mean, upstate new york, sure. but when we were walking around downtown, it was in places i didn't even recognize or know about. it was like a whole new city. so great. 

now, i did all my loyal readers - all 6 of you - a great disservice & didn't even think to take any pictures until we were almost done with the tour. fail! but i did snap a few here at this pretty methodist church which, if i remember correctly, was next door to the residence of elijah fordhamat 46 1/2 john street. fordham was a big-time member of the church back in the day. he also sculpted the oxen for the nauvoo temple. someone correct me if i'm wrong.

i spotted this real cool lit'rary bar across the street from the last stop of our tour. i snuck away from the tour group to snap a quick photo or two because 1) james joyce 2) the irish flag, & 3) molly's quote from the very end of ulysses on the window! all good things.

& the pamphlet we used the whole time (we saw everything except #s 7 & 8):

(& more photos from the activity here)

& a few photos from 'round wall st:

there was a ton of construction going on all around us when we were trying to take these pictures (you can see some of it in the photo above ^^^). it's a testament to the talent of one ty mecham, one of the greatest people in the world **not to mention a great photographer (he's the real deal)** that in the photo below you can't see any construction...even though it was all there, noisily, behind us.

bravo, good sir! also, norah's face, of course:


& i find this eye-closed one hilarious. happens to the best of us, my young padawan:

later, the three of us grey-clad doves stopped for some hamburgers before heading home. & when i say "hamburgers," i mean "pizza."

i call this one, "reflections on a 'za" (& a full, clear view of the chicken pox scar i've had since i was five or so) :

pizza is as good a way as any to close out this post. good night!

Friday, April 24, 2015

half marathons.

last november or so, when i was real pregnant & remembering my active days of yore, i signed up for a few races in a fit of physical restlessness. well, actually, i signed up for one race - the queens half marathon - only to discover later that an all women's half marathon, one of my favorite races (can one have a "favorite" race? i suppose one can) & the one i really wanted to do, would only be a week after that. it was one of those moments when, because the events were still months away, so far off that they might not have even existed, that i thought, "i got this! two half marathons two weekends in a row, it'll be totally fine!"

fast forward to the middle of february or so, when i was still healing from giving birth, hadn't run for about three months (my doctor gave me the red light when i was 27 weeks along or so), when even walking up the block made me breathless, that i thought, ".......those half marathons are gonna suuuuuck."

anyway, fast forward to two sundays ago, when i woke up bright & early to make it to the half marathon starting line in queens by 7:40 am or so. i'm pretty sure i had to take the train all the way down to times square & transfer to, what was it, the seven train??! that whole commute is still wrapped in a sleepy, early-morning haze, although i do distinctly remember a fellow runner standing up in the middle of the train & stretching the entire ride out to queens, it was fascinating stuff.

here are some thoughts i had while running the queens half:
1. what a beautiful day!
2. there are actually not that many people running this race.
2.5. wow, there are really not a lot of people running this...
3. ...which means the chances i have of coming in last just skyrocketed.
4. finishing last would be really embarrassing. I MUST RUN FASTER.
5. so this is queens, eh?
6. the globe is pretty great.
7. is that a cricket game going on in that field??
8. you know, lagaan is a truly underrated movie.
9. what's ira glass's story? is he married? or kids, or...? **makes mental note to google that when i get home** *update: he is married**
10. ira glass's voice, so smooth & quirky.
11. yep, it's starting to get a little warm out here.
11.5 another cricket game! i love queens!
14. oh, so we're doing the same route two times? got it.
15. it's pretty depressing that the winner of this race is probably already done.
16. i think i'm dying!
17. 11 miles down!
18. i wonder what the medals will look like. it's all about the medals.
23.5. I WANT TO CRY.
25. there's ben! there's my baby! there's the finish line!
26. that wasn't half bad. where do i sign up for next year's race?

ben passed the stroller off to me about 30 seconds before i crossed the finish line, which, i'm glad it didn't happen any earlier than that, because that sucker is not a jogging stroller. the race group was so small they announced everyone's names as they ran across the finish line. it was a thrill...& norah slept through the whole thing. :)

i am also happy to report that the medal was pretty great. one of the prettiest i've ever seen.

sun in eyes:

imagine that this empty concrete pool behind us is filled to the brim with water, okay?

these next few photos are all basically the same, but i simply cannot get over norah's sweet profile, so i had to post them all. her little upturned nose gets me every time:

her face in this one, the little smoocher <3

& a few other photos from queens:

cool side note: i took a few graduate courses with a guy named joe. he's a queens native & he wrote a book about the 1964 world's fair that happened in queens.

remembering the last few times we get off the 7 train at this stop...

the boardwalk-type walkway was a bumpy ride for the stroller, so ben tried to roll it along that smooth beam in the middle, but he could only fit one wheel on it. that was a really boring & unnecessarily long explanation for this photo: :)

norah flashing her perpetual expression on the subway ride home. too hilarious:

okay, so fast forward to a week after that, when i ran an all women's half marathon in central park. - like i said before, i really love this race. the all women's thing has all sorts of girl power vibes to it. the central park loop is my frequent running haunt, so i wasn't nervous about the race at all. i know the course really well, i did not have to wake up nearly as early as the week before, & all in all, i was feeling good. i even set a new pr! which is always nice.

i met up with my people after the finish line, with my running poncho thing blowing mightily in the wind, as you can see here:

that sweet babe:

queens half, all women's half, check & check. even just remembering them makes me tired. now i need to take a REALLY good nap.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

lately, part 2.

^^cuteness level = five stars. plus that heart i drew on snapchat wins all the awards^^

heyyyy all. more about our lives lately!

below is the snap i took of the little playgroup i take norah to just about every week. i love how the babes line up perfectly all the way up the photo. norahbird is definitely the youngest one there these days, so she mostly just lies on her back & stares at all her you can see in this photo below. lots of wiggly, roly (roll-y?) babies in one space is pretty funny/cute (duh) :

love the way her mouth is shaped in this one:

the other day i found myself walking behind the most fabulous mother/daughter pair EVER. their cat hats! they're too, too excellent:

& one more screenshat snapchat: why do these giant, light-up, noisy baby bouncy toys have to be so....ugly? :) & why do babies love them so much? (or at least, why does this baby love them so much?)

we're trying to get a solid bedtime routine going around here (& maybe, just maybe, it's not all in vain? that is, the moment i turn on the sound machine & sing that one bedtime song, her eyes immediately start to cross & droop. fingerz crossed), & one little part of that routine is story time. she's pretty tiny to understand what's going on, of course, but that doesn't mean these pictures of my people didn't break my heart with sweetness (also i'm pretty sure ben is reading her A NOVEL) :

& a few photos from a trip to the high line with some friends:

it's like, would it be awesome to live by the high line, because that area of the city is really cool, or would it be awful to live by the high line, because hundreds of tourists would be looking into your windows everyday? i ask the tough questions:

art on the high line, i say. art on the high line:

swearz on the high line, i say. swearz on the high line:

we were thinking it was going to be a warm-ish, sunny day, BUT IT WASN'T. hoo boy it wasn't. everyone was fine/prepared except me, pretty typical.

we stopped by chelsea market after the high line & a) checked out the clock/twinkly light prettiness as seen in the phot. below, & b) ate vietnamese barbecue sandwiches that are **THE** new must-eat item during any visit to chelsea market:

ah, another series of photos of norah sitting on ben's lap <3 <3 do you see the way her arm is resting on his like she's some kind of world-weary jean-luc picard?? make it so!

her face in this next one. i mean... (it is also a little like this)

& then one from the other night, when some of us were coming home from seeing...well...this movie. i was pretending to be a little barnacle - or maybe a bunny? funny how those two things are in no way alike - latching onto steph's arm instead of the subway pole to steady myself. haha.


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