Friday, April 10, 2015

lately, on the internets.

will ferrell movies ranked from worst to best.

52 places to travel this year...the wanderlust hit hard with this article. plus some cool, mesmerizing footages.

how many of these have you seen?

for any satc fans out there: the folks at man repeller answer all of carrie bradshaw's hard-hitting questions. this is a good one.

what giving birth looks like around the world. the only problem i had with this article is that there weren't even MORE photos. beautiful.

when i was pregnant i was all about trying to figure out just exactly what contractions felt like. i never got a straight answer from anyone, although a few people made attempts. the most common answer i received was, "you'll know when you're in labor." "HOW would i know if i've never BEEN IN LABOR before?!" i thought. well...they were right. it took only about three contractions, even at 12 minutes apart as they were at the beginning, for me to realize it was go time. & now, three months later, i've done what i never thought i would & joined the camp of people who have a hard time trying to describe what contractions feel like. these women make the attempt.

as someone who is five foot ten in bare feet, i can tell you, the struggle is real. :)

although i love the sound of music, i agree with a lot of what this article has to say: the plot of the movie has a lot of underlying, subtle themes that give it the potential for going darker.

moms share their most empowering stories from childbirth.

currently reading.

the second avenue explosion that happened here in the city two weeks ago. so sad.

& finally....


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