Tuesday, April 14, 2015

lately, part 1.

we've had some really nice weekends lately - those ones with the perfect mix of both going out on glorious adventures & staying in & r e l a x i n g. (i mean, it can be argued that because i'm not working in a professional setting or anything right now, weekends aren't that much different than weekdays for me, & there's something to that. jeez i have lots of feelings about it, this motherhood thing i'm doing is complicated, ACK OKAY I'LL TRY NOT TO TALK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME.) here, several photos from my phone from our weekends & just other life things in general:

three weekends ago we made our way down to city bakery & it was VERY WORTH IT:

i spotted this ad up in a subway station. give that little para-g a read-through, if you have a sec. it kinda rubs me the wrong way, but maybe that's just me?

ben, baby (SO bundled up), & that pretentious ad there in the b-ground:

one of the grocery stores we shop at has these incredibly narrow aisles (well pretty much all the grocery stores we shop at have incredibly narrow aisles, so i'm just talking about one of many), which normally isn't a huge problem if it's just you shopping in your lonesome. but bringing a stroller into the mix of, say, glass bottles of olive oil on one side of the aisle, & oh, the columbia student up to his neck with an armful of groceries on the other, & it suddenly turns into a giant nascar pileup or something. i don't think i ever say sorry so many times in so short a time period as i do when i bring my stroller into westside market. (i know, i know).

here are some sweet norah faces from one of those times when we just stare at each other & laugh (which happens at least 10 times a day). she's not really laughing in these photos, exactly, because, & i don't know how she does this, but anytime i try to sneakily pull out my phone to take a photo when she's smiling, SHE STOPS. rare is the time i can catch a smile of hers on camera. it's like she knows when i'm trying to document her sweet smile for posterity, & she'll take it all back. camera shy doesn't even begin to describe it:


the other day we went to our friends' apartment for a little playdate, only to discover that our stroller DID NOT FIT IN THEIR ELEVATOR! & norah was asleep in the stroller, so in no world was i going to get her out of the stroller & mess up the good nap that was happening. there was a group of friends & their sweet babes up in their apartment & we couldn't get up there. gah! my reaction:

i mean, it was fine. it was kind of funny, actually. but still! we ended up hanging out in the lobby for a good 20 minutes before walking home because i was like, "you know what? i walked all the way over here with the stroller, i'm going to rest for a few minutes." here we are, chillin in the lobby:

two-ish saturday evenings ago, ben had a tutoring appointment with a kid who lives by our church building. we made a little event out of it, norah & i going down there with pops early to get dinner, waiting/eating/diaper-ing at the church while ben tooted (which i'm convinced is a true & faithful linguistic derivative of the word "tutored") & grabbing dessert after. all of that happened during our church's meeting of the menz, which, oops to playing hooky. have you ever wondered what the women's bathroom in your local lds meetinghouse looks like??! you're in luck:

& pretty lincoln center across the street. walking past it that time, two-ish saturdays ago, i realized how much i love the metropolitan opera house. i love that its front facade is ceiling-to-floor windows, so you can see right thorugh it to the inside. when you're in there during the day, that front lobby is flooded with light. at night, the chandelier inside completely illuminates the entire entrance & it's gorgeous. i love that you can see into the side from the street, so even if you're not attending a performance that night, you kinda still feel like you're a part of all the prettiness happening inside, because at least you can peek in at it. yep. i love it. i also really like that the steps leading up to it light up with their performance & events schedule, kinda marquee-style. they're blurry in this picture, but you get the idea:

so after ben tooted (trust me, that never gets old), we walked up to shake shack for some treats. we found seats the second we walked in, which i don't think has ever happened to me during a shake shack visit before. on a saturday night! there was hardly anybody there. i was shocked. maybe everyone was at the meeting of the menz.

stay tuned for "lately, part 2" coming soon!!!111!!!!

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  1. Shayla, you make me laugh. Norah reminds me of Rosie in some of those pictures. She was the exact same way about pictures! She was 4 months before I got a good one on camera



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