Thursday, April 16, 2015

lately, part 2.

^^cuteness level = five stars. plus that heart i drew on snapchat wins all the awards^^

heyyyy all. more about our lives lately!

below is the snap i took of the little playgroup i take norah to just about every week. i love how the babes line up perfectly all the way up the photo. norahbird is definitely the youngest one there these days, so she mostly just lies on her back & stares at all her you can see in this photo below. lots of wiggly, roly (roll-y?) babies in one space is pretty funny/cute (duh) :

love the way her mouth is shaped in this one:

the other day i found myself walking behind the most fabulous mother/daughter pair EVER. their cat hats! they're too, too excellent:

& one more screenshat snapchat: why do these giant, light-up, noisy baby bouncy toys have to be so....ugly? :) & why do babies love them so much? (or at least, why does this baby love them so much?)

we're trying to get a solid bedtime routine going around here (& maybe, just maybe, it's not all in vain? that is, the moment i turn on the sound machine & sing that one bedtime song, her eyes immediately start to cross & droop. fingerz crossed), & one little part of that routine is story time. she's pretty tiny to understand what's going on, of course, but that doesn't mean these pictures of my people didn't break my heart with sweetness (also i'm pretty sure ben is reading her A NOVEL) :

& a few photos from a trip to the high line with some friends:

it's like, would it be awesome to live by the high line, because that area of the city is really cool, or would it be awful to live by the high line, because hundreds of tourists would be looking into your windows everyday? i ask the tough questions:

art on the high line, i say. art on the high line:

swearz on the high line, i say. swearz on the high line:

we were thinking it was going to be a warm-ish, sunny day, BUT IT WASN'T. hoo boy it wasn't. everyone was fine/prepared except me, pretty typical.

we stopped by chelsea market after the high line & a) checked out the clock/twinkly light prettiness as seen in the phot. below, & b) ate vietnamese barbecue sandwiches that are **THE** new must-eat item during any visit to chelsea market:

ah, another series of photos of norah sitting on ben's lap <3 <3 do you see the way her arm is resting on his like she's some kind of world-weary jean-luc picard?? make it so!

her face in this next one. i mean... (it is also a little like this)

& then one from the other night, when some of us were coming home from seeing...well...this movie. i was pretending to be a little barnacle - or maybe a bunny? funny how those two things are in no way alike - latching onto steph's arm instead of the subway pole to steady myself. haha.

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