Sunday, April 26, 2015

lds history tour.

a few weeks ago the church youth group ben & i help out with went on a walking tour of lower manhattan. we visited several different sites that were significant in the budding early days of the lds church in the 1800s. it was actually really, really fascinating! i was surprised by how much i enjoyed it. i had no idea there were so many cool sites to check out here; i mean, it's the sort of thing that, when you think "church history" you don't necessarily think "new york city," right? i mean, upstate new york, sure. but when we were walking around downtown, it was in places i didn't even recognize or know about. it was like a whole new city. so great. 

now, i did all my loyal readers - all 6 of you - a great disservice & didn't even think to take any pictures until we were almost done with the tour. fail! but i did snap a few here at this pretty methodist church which, if i remember correctly, was next door to the residence of elijah fordhamat 46 1/2 john street. fordham was a big-time member of the church back in the day. he also sculpted the oxen for the nauvoo temple. someone correct me if i'm wrong.

i spotted this real cool lit'rary bar across the street from the last stop of our tour. i snuck away from the tour group to snap a quick photo or two because 1) james joyce 2) the irish flag, & 3) molly's quote from the very end of ulysses on the window! all good things.

& the pamphlet we used the whole time (we saw everything except #s 7 & 8):

(& more photos from the activity here)

& a few photos from 'round wall st:

there was a ton of construction going on all around us when we were trying to take these pictures (you can see some of it in the photo above ^^^). it's a testament to the talent of one ty mecham, one of the greatest people in the world **not to mention a great photographer (he's the real deal)** that in the photo below you can't see any construction...even though it was all there, noisily, behind us.

bravo, good sir! also, norah's face, of course:


& i find this eye-closed one hilarious. happens to the best of us, my young padawan:

later, the three of us grey-clad doves stopped for some hamburgers before heading home. & when i say "hamburgers," i mean "pizza."

i call this one, "reflections on a 'za" (& a full, clear view of the chicken pox scar i've had since i was five or so) :

pizza is as good a way as any to close out this post. good night!

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