Saturday, April 4, 2015

san an-iphone-io, part 2.

here we are, the final dregs of the san antonio photos from my iphone coffee cup. let's start with this beacon of cuteness:

longtime readers of the blog will remember the time our little fam was in san antonio (jk you don't have to be longtime at all. we only went like a month ago). we drove to schulenberg to meet up with my cousin lauren & it was a great time, no surprise there. 

basically i'm obsessed with these next two because that miss norah is looking right at the camera, the sweetie:

norah's face in this one is everything:

we saw perhaps 10 people in schulenberg total, & one of them was the waiter who was working at the german dance hall-turned-restaurant, & another one was one of the cooks who worked at the german dance hall-turned-restaurant. speaking of the german dance hall-turned-restaurant, here are a few more photos of it:

the lighting at the front of the restaurant was really fantastic:

ben's got some serious blue-eyed babe-ness going on here:


later, while (whilst?) the four of us perused an antique store we passed on the way into town, norah was all:

morning cuddles:

& more morning cuddles:


& here we are holding the two newest members of the frandsen troop of grandkids. such cuties, both of them:


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