Thursday, May 28, 2015

beach baby.


tomorrow is our last day here in vancouver! tomorrow night we're back at my parents' house in the united states of hamerica (THIS IS WHAT I GOT WHEN I GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCHED "UNITED STATES OF HAMERICA," it was so worth it) then we fly home the next morning, where we'll be for just a couple days before it's back on the road again (or, in this case, the airplane).

the beach we took norah to today is just down the hill from where we stay whenever we come here. we make it a point to come to this beach at least a couple times every visit (even blogging about it, in a really saucy old post in which ben wears a fully unbuttoned shirt [i know ladies, don't be jealous]). i realized long ago that i might like rocky, cold beaches just as much, if not more, than your typical warm weather & white sands fare (having lived most of my life in the pnw, where you see tons of the former type of beach...& exactly none of the latter :)). the beach in these photos is an excellent specimen of the exact sort of windy, rocky beach i love. norah enjoyed it...for the most part?

babe actually did okay with her sweet feet in the sand! afterwards i was like, "was that sand too rough for her feet? will this be a fully documented mom fail??"

at any rate, i love her eyes in this one:

her sand-covered chunker feet afterwards were the cutest. her toes are so chunky that we tried & failed to wipe out all the sand from in between them. as in, our fingers wouldn't fit all the way in between her toes. only a proper bath once we were back in our room was able to clear everything out from those tiny nooks & crevices :)

the lighting for these pictures was terrible. harsh sunlight right at the worst part of the day. the coloring is off on so many of them, & i should have thrown even more of these photos into black & white, but, alas...i didn't.

the winning photo of the day, by far (it's hilarious how ben is staring dreamily off into the distance. i mean, maybe he was doing that at the time, but it wasn't posed. i just took a bunch in a row):

& let's all take a moment to appreciate a) her matching yellow shirt & bloomers (I LOVE CALLING THEM THAT), & b) her fantastic gut:

the vancouver skyline in the background:

my other favorite from the day. a tender little moment:

eyes like "WHA--"

norah wrapped in my jacket:

ben snapped these as he & norah watched from a log bench:

sometimes the girl's hats slump down in her face & cover her eyes, so we'll keep her brim turnt up, fresh prince style. peep those baby blues! (do people actually say that)

thanks, beach! thanks.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

gas works park.

quick catchup: ben was in vancouver, b.c. for the last week & a half on the grounds of science ("on the grounds of brooklyn, your honor!") while norah & i stayed at my parents' house in snohomish. he drove down this last weekend so we could all be there together for norah's blessing, & then the three of us drove back up to vancouver yesterday, where we'll be until the end of this week. will it help, contextually, if i say that i'm writing this on a sunday? maybe not.

anyway, on one of the days that ben was in washington with us, we drove to gas works park in seattle. it's right there on lake union & has a view of the seattle skyline that's pretty insane. gas works park is on the site of a gas plant that was in operation during the first half of the 20th century, & old factory parts are still standing. some are painted bright colors for a little play place for kids, but the coolest ones still stand in their original spot, unpainted, like rusty ruins.

but first, a picture in which norah looks like a grumpy old man:

okay, now back to the park & these old parts of the gas plant. i love that they're starting to become overgrown with plant life. it's kind of like this cool juxtaposition between clanking industry & raw, untamed earth. years ago one fell to make way for the other, yet the wilderness is slowly, inevitably reclaiming the space, & the now abandoned factory can only stand by & watch as it is overwhelmed. an interesting struggle between man, machine, & "the elements," i guess you could say.

a little steampunk, right?

ben + our little sweet potato:

i've said it before, but i'm obsessed with the way norah's legs stick straight out when she's held up like this (also i can't get enough of her little pink footsie pants. i'm going to put her in them as much as i can before she grows out of them (it's a stretch these days already!).

it was a pretty lovely day, weather-wise. i could have stood for it to be 5 degrees warmer, BUT. the sun was out, there was a perfectly clear view of the skyline, & only a touch of wind.

i love all the totally random elements of her little outfit. babies can pull off anything! ;)

another view across the lake, from a different place in the park:

norah's life is one of being pretty much permanently smooched:

there was a stupid sign right in the background of this next photo, but UPDATE!!! my amazing SIL gabrielle worked her magic & 'shopped it right out of there:

so much better.

ugh these two. it's like my love for ben is multiplied times a milly when i see how much he loves our gal:

i really love lingering behind these two, letting them go ahead of me, & then just watching their little relationship at work. it's like they're going off on their own little adventure in this one:

a great view of the plant:

 her face in this next one <3 <3 <3

norah's hair! so majestic in the wind:

i love this next one. a quiet moment between mama & babe:

& a hair pull! a big yank. look at her face, she gives zero fs:

in short, 
1. i couldn't be happier with my little family, 
2. seattle continues to amaze, & 
3. gas works park, like jumpin' jack flash, is a gas gas gas.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

~~lately, part 2~~

the day after ben returned home in glory (he flew in sunday night, & i'm pretty sure that i texted him sunday afternoon with these loving, wifely words: "GET. YOUR BUTT. HOME." haha.), we took sweet norah to get her four-month shots. which are the woooooorssssttt, as you can probably imagine. 

we took these photos mere moments before doc plunged those incredibly sharp needles into her sweet chunker thighs. poor babe had no idea what was commminnng:

this smile was gone 3.5 seconds after these photos were taken. 3.......2.......


speaking of norah crying, i can sum up a solid hour & a half - at least - of our 5 hour plus flight to washington with this face:

hoo boy. it got pretty dicey there for a little bit. THERE IS NOWHERE TO TAKE A CRYING BABY ON A PLANE. most people don't know that. spread the word. ;) luckily, she slept the last two & a half hours of the flight, which hopefully was long enough for all the passengers within hearing distance of her (which was EVERY PASSENGER ON THE PLANE) to forget the earlier, ah, rougher, shall we say,  hours of the flight. 

but behold, we finally made it to seattle. look how beautiful it is!

i have this app that makes my phone chirp & flash to get the baby to look directly at the camera. upon such visual & aural assault from the app, norah makes this face:

baha. needless to say, i didn't use that app when i took these next photos. these are alllllll natural:

& i tried to get a side-by-side comparison going so we could see if norah looks anything like i did as a baby (she's all ben these days), using this old photo of my brother & i, but...........i'm not quite sure it worked :) i would have scrapped this project altogether, but norah made some real cute faces:

we pattern-match a solid 85% of the time:

mornings with pop:

dinners with the fam (in which handholding during prayer is suddenly instituted?):

& the days when we aren't matching patterns, we're matching colors:

i love this little ballcap for norah. it's a tad too big which kind of makes it EVEN BETTER, in my humb. opinion:

the line between happy & annoyed with norah is very, very fine. here's a little taste of it. her mouth is a smile but her eyes are OVER. IT.

so much space in any place that isn't our nyc apartment. take exhibit a, an exhibit i like to call "little girl on a big--really big--couch":

the other day i took norah out to lie in the grass for a little bit. it was her first interaction with the stuff--any other time we've done picnics or whatever, she's always had a blanket between her & it. i thought she might not like it (too itchy, or whatnot), but she loved the whole thing. she LOVED the grass. we ended up sitting out in our backyard for a solid half an hour, which is, like, 17 months in baby years, last time i checked.

these next ones are all kind of the same photo, but i'm pretty obsessed with her look of awe & wonder in each one. each of her looks in them are so, so sweet. we were sitting under a tree & she could not tear her eyes away from the leaves that were rustling in the wind:



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