Thursday, May 28, 2015

beach baby.


tomorrow is our last day here in vancouver! tomorrow night we're back at my parents' house in the united states of hamerica (THIS IS WHAT I GOT WHEN I GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCHED "UNITED STATES OF HAMERICA," it was so worth it) then we fly home the next morning, where we'll be for just a couple days before it's back on the road again (or, in this case, the airplane).

the beach we took norah to today is just down the hill from where we stay whenever we come here. we make it a point to come to this beach at least a couple times every visit (even blogging about it, in a really saucy old post in which ben wears a fully unbuttoned shirt [i know ladies, don't be jealous]). i realized long ago that i might like rocky, cold beaches just as much, if not more, than your typical warm weather & white sands fare (having lived most of my life in the pnw, where you see tons of the former type of beach...& exactly none of the latter :)). the beach in these photos is an excellent specimen of the exact sort of windy, rocky beach i love. norah enjoyed it...for the most part?

babe actually did okay with her sweet feet in the sand! afterwards i was like, "was that sand too rough for her feet? will this be a fully documented mom fail??"

at any rate, i love her eyes in this one:

her sand-covered chunker feet afterwards were the cutest. her toes are so chunky that we tried & failed to wipe out all the sand from in between them. as in, our fingers wouldn't fit all the way in between her toes. only a proper bath once we were back in our room was able to clear everything out from those tiny nooks & crevices :)

the lighting for these pictures was terrible. harsh sunlight right at the worst part of the day. the coloring is off on so many of them, & i should have thrown even more of these photos into black & white, but, alas...i didn't.

the winning photo of the day, by far (it's hilarious how ben is staring dreamily off into the distance. i mean, maybe he was doing that at the time, but it wasn't posed. i just took a bunch in a row):

& let's all take a moment to appreciate a) her matching yellow shirt & bloomers (I LOVE CALLING THEM THAT), & b) her fantastic gut:

the vancouver skyline in the background:

my other favorite from the day. a tender little moment:

eyes like "WHA--"

norah wrapped in my jacket:

ben snapped these as he & norah watched from a log bench:

sometimes the girl's hats slump down in her face & cover her eyes, so we'll keep her brim turnt up, fresh prince style. peep those baby blues! (do people actually say that)

thanks, beach! thanks.



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