Sunday, May 24, 2015

gas works park.

quick catchup: ben was in vancouver, b.c. for the last week & a half on the grounds of science ("on the grounds of brooklyn, your honor!") while norah & i stayed at my parents' house in snohomish. he drove down this last weekend so we could all be there together for norah's blessing, & then the three of us drove back up to vancouver yesterday, where we'll be until the end of this week. will it help, contextually, if i say that i'm writing this on a sunday? maybe not.

anyway, on one of the days that ben was in washington with us, we drove to gas works park in seattle. it's right there on lake union & has a view of the seattle skyline that's pretty insane. gas works park is on the site of a gas plant that was in operation during the first half of the 20th century, & old factory parts are still standing. some are painted bright colors for a little play place for kids, but the coolest ones still stand in their original spot, unpainted, like rusty ruins.

but first, a picture in which norah looks like a grumpy old man:

okay, now back to the park & these old parts of the gas plant. i love that they're starting to become overgrown with plant life. it's kind of like this cool juxtaposition between clanking industry & raw, untamed earth. years ago one fell to make way for the other, yet the wilderness is slowly, inevitably reclaiming the space, & the now abandoned factory can only stand by & watch as it is overwhelmed. an interesting struggle between man, machine, & "the elements," i guess you could say.

a little steampunk, right?

ben + our little sweet potato:

i've said it before, but i'm obsessed with the way norah's legs stick straight out when she's held up like this (also i can't get enough of her little pink footsie pants. i'm going to put her in them as much as i can before she grows out of them (it's a stretch these days already!).

it was a pretty lovely day, weather-wise. i could have stood for it to be 5 degrees warmer, BUT. the sun was out, there was a perfectly clear view of the skyline, & only a touch of wind.

i love all the totally random elements of her little outfit. babies can pull off anything! ;)

another view across the lake, from a different place in the park:

norah's life is one of being pretty much permanently smooched:

there was a stupid sign right in the background of this next photo, but UPDATE!!! my amazing SIL gabrielle worked her magic & 'shopped it right out of there:

so much better.

ugh these two. it's like my love for ben is multiplied times a milly when i see how much he loves our gal:

i really love lingering behind these two, letting them go ahead of me, & then just watching their little relationship at work. it's like they're going off on their own little adventure in this one:

a great view of the plant:

 her face in this next one <3 <3 <3

norah's hair! so majestic in the wind:

i love this next one. a quiet moment between mama & babe:

& a hair pull! a big yank. look at her face, she gives zero fs:

in short, 
1. i couldn't be happier with my little family, 
2. seattle continues to amaze, & 
3. gas works park, like jumpin' jack flash, is a gas gas gas.

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  1. I'll send you a sign-free edit! Easy photoshop fix. What a cool park. Fabulous location for a photo shoot! Norah is cuter every time I see a picture of her. :-)



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