Saturday, May 16, 2015

interesting internet happenings.

i haven't done one of these link roundups in a while! let's see if i still remember how to do this*...

mad men & women in the workplace. a great article.

some simple rules for healthy eating.

who is the british kevin bacon? funny. my vote is for martin freeman!

the 9 worst parents on tv, ranked. papa pope is awwwwfullll.

joss whedon's remake of the sound of music starring emma stone, colin farrell, judi dench, & rachel mcadams. some swearz; brilliantly funny.

before olivia pope...there was miranda bailey.

 in honor of pitch perfect 2, here's a pretty fun review of the first one for a little blast from the past ("the past" here being just, like, two years ago or whatever).

"Kim's face is like a Duchamp urinal: in declaring itself as a kind of public art, it mocks & dares & provokes." surprisingly positive reviews of kim kardashian's new book from the atlantic & slate. also, "the boldest ting about selfish is not just that she's inviting you to look at her several hundred times over--it's that she's forcing you to look at her the exact way she wants to, from the exact angle, in the exact lighting of her choosing. you could call selfish a sneakily feminist document, an act of reclamation by one of the world's most photogarphed women. but that would be ridiculous. forget the male gaze, or even the female gaze--the only gaze that matters here is kim kardashian's, directed squarely at herself, kim kardashian looking at kim kardashian back & forth until the end of time."

speaking of the kardashians (isn't that what everyone is always doing anyway? :), this tumblr.

why do we re-read our favorite books as kids, & why do we stop when we get older?

*...that's what she said.

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