Sunday, May 3, 2015

our springtime babe.

everything in our lives seems to have taken on new significance now that norah is around. all things normal, expected, or even mundane to ben & i are exciting new firsts for her. & it's so much fun to be around for these firsts. 

take, for example, springtime & the emergence of warm weather here in the city. in the last few weeks, with temps reaching the high 60s & even high 70s (!!), it's like we're emerging from our winter cocoons, rubbing our eyes in the sunlight, & enjoying the rebirth & new life that comes with spring & whatnot. this all just so happens to coincide with the grand occasion of norah sleeping longer & longer at night (she's averaging 7 hours straight! insert praying hands emoji), so with the three of us getting lots more sleep at night, we all be like.

anyway, here are some fun things we've been up to so far this spring:

1. an easter party (complete with bunny ears AND an easter egg hunt, ha)

& please to note ben giving norah bunny ears in this one:

2. trips to the park. norah mostly either sits/sleeps in her stroller or watches the commotion of park-goers from the safety of my arms, but there was that one time i popped her in a swing (& she did really well! so, note to self: take norah to the swings more often)

3. the wearing of norah's giant springtime summer hat. we call it her "weekend party hat," for obvious reasons: 

4. trips to central park. i love these photos of norah sitting in ben's lap on a picnic blanket under a tree in the park (i also love sentences riddled with prepositional phrases)

norah & i motherboy'd it up that same park trip:

thank you, gap:

something norah does that i love is remain stick straight when you hold her up in the air. like, her body makes such a solid straight line. she's got some great abs. exhibit a:

exhibit b:

& exhibit c:

5. family walks:

6. sitting under some of the beautiful beautiful cherry blossoms in the city (p.s. remember thiiissss):

& that's riverside church looming there, which is another large & beautiful church close to our apartment:

me & norah & some tiny monson photobombers:

her face:


this gazebo, the blossoms, & that knotty trunk in the photo above are all in sakura park, which is just a few blocks up from where we live. i love the shape of norah in this one:

norah spotting the camera:

pretty pretty pretty. hooray for babies in spring!

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  1. It just keeps getting better and better as she is able to perceive and understand more -- the opportunity to relive the wonders (and also anxieties) of childhood is the gift of parenthood. Pure grace.



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