Thursday, May 14, 2015

that one weekend with the beautiful weather.

this is about 2 or 3 weekends old now, but i feel compelled by the spirit* to share a few photos of what we were up to on a fri/sat/sun of yore. it was so beautiful out! & i'm missing that 80 degree weather, from my perch here in seattle where it has been 51 degrees & a constant drizzle since the moment the airplane wheels touched down.

*the spirit of BLOGGING, duh

first of all, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for these important announcements: 

a quick trip with our sweet, bundled gnome:

if you're friends with me on snapchat, you receive a lot of selfies from our apartment elevator (it's that quiet moment to take a breath after the rush of getting out the door & before heading out into the world [usually at a quick walk, if we're running late] & so i'll usually check my phone real quick...& think to snap a photo)

on saturday we took a family walk down to milk bar for the essentials: the compost cookie, the b'day truffles (which i jokingly pronounce "bidet truffles"), the cereal milk ice cream (not pictured)......

...& a seat in the sunshine. did i mention how much i love to ambush ben & take a photo of him mid-chew? so wonderfully awkward:

columbia campus on a sunny day is fun. a prime spot for people watching:

speaking of watching things, check out all the goodness we passed on the way home from milk bar:

those yellow flowers in the right one:

little purple blossoms:

anyway, i'd like to move to there immediately:


baby on the subway (with parental supervision of course) :

& these two had an intense close-up the entirety of our cab ride to church on the schabbath:

another pretty tree, this one spotted in central park:

& the unintentional matching ben & i underwent during a picnic with church peoples:

that night, norah graced us with THE MOTHER of all spit-ups:

....SO MUCH spit up.

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