Monday, June 22, 2015

villigen, switzerland - what we've been up to.


tomorrow is our last full day here in villigen, after which it's off to italy. i'm planning to start out easy: 6 cannoli a day. we'll see how it goes from there. :)

norah & i have continued at the same leisurely pace we've set for ourselves since the day we got here, with the pleasant addition of all sorts of face grabbing (norah has a death grip these days)

all you need is chub:

chub is all you need (chub is all you need),
chub is all you need (chub is all you need) :

walking around our neighborhood the other evening with this little gray bear:

our cute little stoop:

tagging here this account, this, & then time of course has to give its two cents. ;)

look at the flowers in all these windows! gorgeous. that beautiful red <3 i wonder how much upkeep it requires (if any at all). if you keep flowers in your windows & feel you can illuminate me on the subject, tweet me, text me, email me, facebook message me, instagram me, or pinterest me (i don't know how possible that last one is).

walking on the greenest path ever, down by the river right outside our door (the aare river)

i love norah's little hand in this one, with her pinky sticking out. & just her face in general--full of such raw emotion! i kind of love that babies don't hide their emotions. you can see everything plain on their face. plus--her teeeeth! (she got these first two so early on in her life {it's already been several weeks now since they've come in} i didn't think it was teething. i thought she had suddenly just turned into a very difficult, fussy baby & that's how she was always going to be from then on.  i was slowly resigning myself to that fact when ben came in one morning & said, all excitedly, "she has teeth!!!" to which i said "oh, thank goodness.")

happens to the best of us, norah:

these quaintest of lamps:

haha. (elder ben frandsen did have an enviable hair part, for the record)

these next pictures!!!!!  they crack me up so much i want to use as many exclamation points as possible when talking about them. i screenshat these pics from a video i sent on snapchat trying to show everyone her teeth, so they're a little blurry...


Thursday, June 18, 2015

villigen, switzerland - a walk to church.

the other afternoon we walked up to check out a church that's been looming in the hills right outside where we've been staying. 

{this walk consisted of first working our way through some pretty glorious farmland}

the stroller is like a magic cure-all for norah. pop her in the stroller, head out on a stroll, & we're all happy. a lot of times when baby girl is in her stroller, she swings her head back & forth, using her big, bright eyes to look around in fascination at all the goings-on of the big world around her...& other times she ZONES. OUT. (& then falls asleep, if the walk goes on long enough) that day we walked to the church? a lot of zoning out happened. observe her face:

we didn't account for the hill up to the church being quite so steep, nay, nor so long, but chalk it up to good exercise!...

...&, like, ten mosquito bites between the two of us (i was watching norah like a hawk to make sure she didn't get any, & subsequently forgot to watch my own 'hind). anyway, here's that surprisingly long, steep hill, that of course looks very wimpy & doesn't translate at all in the photo ;)

ben & norah perfecting that casual, unstudied, "don't-look-at-the-camera" candid pose there in the left photo:

the church provided a really spectacular view of the farmland & surrounding hills. also, the lighting was really, really beautiful & we couldn't help but get a little snaphappy. that being said, several of the upcoming photos are some of my absolute favorites we've ever taken since norah joined the team.

{& there will be some gushiness, i should warn you. if i were you i'd CLICK OVER TO BUZZFEED NOW & get out while you can!}

we were facing the church in this shot, so you can catch a glimpse of the pretty view behind us:

heading to the cemetery:

her big, sweet eyes looking at the camera! & her slightly sweaty hair:

norah's arm draped around ben's:

gahh i mean these two:

making all these even better is her hat, turned up in that jaunty way. it's just so gigantic on her head:

speaking of hats, check out ben's winning #hathair:

her hands on ben in this one. i mean! husbands cradling their babies!:

the cemetery there outside the church really is a bright, pretty place:

so fun! & morbid! :O

balancing act on my legs:

it's like, what's the best part? her little "hi" wave? those chunk legs? her chubby cheeks? her tiny balancing toes?

she's almost got a cheer-type pose going in this one (& by that i mean i've almost got her doing a cheer pose, because i am the one holding her hands & whatnot)


she just makes us so happy, you know? so, so happy. look at that squisher face:


...& cuddles (i hear her baby giggles in my head every time i look at this one)

& jeez, enough, we get it, you & ben love your daughter, sheesh!


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