Thursday, June 18, 2015

villigen, switzerland - a walk to church.

the other afternoon we walked up to check out a church that's been looming in the hills right outside where we've been staying. 

{this walk consisted of first working our way through some pretty glorious farmland}

the stroller is like a magic cure-all for norah. pop her in the stroller, head out on a stroll, & we're all happy. a lot of times when baby girl is in her stroller, she swings her head back & forth, using her big, bright eyes to look around in fascination at all the goings-on of the big world around her...& other times she ZONES. OUT. (& then falls asleep, if the walk goes on long enough) that day we walked to the church? a lot of zoning out happened. observe her face:

we didn't account for the hill up to the church being quite so steep, nay, nor so long, but chalk it up to good exercise!...

...&, like, ten mosquito bites between the two of us (i was watching norah like a hawk to make sure she didn't get any, & subsequently forgot to watch my own 'hind). anyway, here's that surprisingly long, steep hill, that of course looks very wimpy & doesn't translate at all in the photo ;)

ben & norah perfecting that casual, unstudied, "don't-look-at-the-camera" candid pose there in the left photo:

the church provided a really spectacular view of the farmland & surrounding hills. also, the lighting was really, really beautiful & we couldn't help but get a little snaphappy. that being said, several of the upcoming photos are some of my absolute favorites we've ever taken since norah joined the team.

{& there will be some gushiness, i should warn you. if i were you i'd CLICK OVER TO BUZZFEED NOW & get out while you can!}

we were facing the church in this shot, so you can catch a glimpse of the pretty view behind us:

heading to the cemetery:

her big, sweet eyes looking at the camera! & her slightly sweaty hair:

norah's arm draped around ben's:

gahh i mean these two:

making all these even better is her hat, turned up in that jaunty way. it's just so gigantic on her head:

speaking of hats, check out ben's winning #hathair:

her hands on ben in this one. i mean! husbands cradling their babies!:

the cemetery there outside the church really is a bright, pretty place:

so fun! & morbid! :O

balancing act on my legs:

it's like, what's the best part? her little "hi" wave? those chunk legs? her chubby cheeks? her tiny balancing toes?

she's almost got a cheer-type pose going in this one (& by that i mean i've almost got her doing a cheer pose, because i am the one holding her hands & whatnot)


she just makes us so happy, you know? so, so happy. look at that squisher face:


...& cuddles (i hear her baby giggles in my head every time i look at this one)

& jeez, enough, we get it, you & ben love your daughter, sheesh!

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