Sunday, June 7, 2015

norah's blessing.

we held miss norah eliot frandsen's baby blessing at my parents' house in seattle two weeks ago. the babe wore a bonnet & dress combo that **yours truly** wore when she was a baby...which was a trip! (also trippy: me referring to myself in 3rd person in that last sentence there) i mean, i used to fit in that little dress & now we're blessing my daughter in that same dress. it's kind of like that moment i had today in relief society, when we were reciting the young women theme (every so often the young women in our ward come into relief society for the opening exercises, & they lead us in saying the theme). i was holding norah as we recited, & i thought to myself, "how many hundreds of times did i recite this theme as a teenager, & now here i am reciting it while bouncing a baby on my hip?" it was a weird circle-of-life moment. weird, but good. 

that also all just got super mormon-y. which is fine. ;)

those of you who know me {{well}} know that norah's blessing has been something i've been thinking about for a long time - months, even, before she was born. there were lots of reasons why a baby blessing was something i had been anxiously anticipating for a little bit...reasons i won't get into here. 

ben is a truly understanding & non-threatened husband, & we worked, talked, & thought together to ensure that norah's blessing was something we were all happy with. norah was a superstar during the actual event, & she looked. SO. CUTE. it was a really sweet time for our little fam, & i'm over the moon that my parents & brother were able to be there as well.

plus these photos that eli took after the blessing are hilaaaaarious. there are some that turned out fine, but mostly we look like goobers (clothing-coordinated goobers, at least!)

& sorry, just one or two more because i adore norah's face in the next two:

ben blessed norah to:
- be an active & contributing member of church & society
- value education
- be an advocate & example to (any) future siblings
- have a firm conviction of Christ as her Savior
- have a desire to seek & gain a testimony for herself
- use the light & happiness in her soul to bless others
- use her determination to accomplish wonderful things
& lots of other lovely words of counsel & advice.

norah totally nailed the family photo game in this one:

& norah is ready for her close-up, mr. demille:

that dress! suuuuper 80s ;) but that little bonnet, framing her face? it's too much:

congrats norah, you're official now! the church has got ya number.

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  1. She is so adorable! And I love the dress. Sounds like it was a wonderful event and a beautiful blessing. I'm so glad you found a way to handle the event that was satisfying and meaningful for both of you. Norah is a lucky little girl to have such great parents.



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