Monday, June 15, 2015

villigen, switzerland - we made it!

so here we are in switzerland! we've been here in villigen for about 4 days now, & we'll head on to the next place in a week or so. ben has been working hard running a ton of experiments at PSI, but luckily he's done at a pretty reasonable time every day, so norah & i still get to see him lots. 

speaking of norah & i, we've been having a great time. europe looks good on that babe. every day while ben is at work we take long walks (it's been SO HOT), nap (her), read & indulge in some netflix (me; currently this & i just finished the fantastic, i thought, new season of this), snap photos, & work on the day-to-day baby things like baths, solid food, sleep adjustment (we had a rough night or two; norah is almost acclimated), & lots of smiley, giggly eye contact. 

the photos in this post are mostly going to serve as providing a bit of context as to where we are right now. villigen is a small, beautiful, mostly silent farming town.

i die over that white steeple shooting out of the forest:

it's kind of nice to take it slow here. most of the time when ben & i are europe we're on the go & trying to see & do as much as possible. & that will have its time in this trip. having norah, though, has forced us--mostly willingly--to really slow our pace down, & it's in this slowing down that we've come to notice more quiet, simple things we might not have noticed were we going at our normal speed. it's nice.

swiss flags are everywhere in this little neighborhood we're staying in:

travel buddy:

this area we're staying in has the most charming houses:

this!! a favorite:

crisp, clean lines, colorful shutters, blue skies:

i love how a lot of the houses color coordinate. the shutters of the home pictured above are the exact same color as the ones in the photo below, although they were found on two completely different houses. a lovely little detail that i would be curious to know the history of. 

good, good, good:

i'd love to sit up on that porch:

from another angle (that glass sitting area!)

do you see the little eyes on the broom?

this home right on the river. with that red...! <3

we're staying right across the street from this house, it's the first thing we spot when we walk out the front door (you could say that the place we're staying at is part dorm, part b&b)

& heyyyy (insert waving hand emoji) 

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