Thursday, July 9, 2015

cinque terre, italy - part 1.

our adventure in florence was norah's third (or was it fourth?) day out, about, & without a solid nap schedule (APPARENTLY THIS IS STUFF I TALK ABOUT NOW)--& we could tell it was starting to take its toll. it largely made itself manifest on our way home from florence. on the cramped train. with lots of passengers around to witness. :0 

we knew there was still at least a day's worth of stuff we wanted to do (a day trip to cinque terre was so high on our list it was practically in the negatives. it was number -1 on our to-do list)...but this was one of those parents-at-a-crossroads, oh-THIS-is-what-everyone-meant-when-they-said-our-lives-would-never-be-the-same-after-having-kids type moments that's starting to happen more & more in our lives. do we take advantage of being in italy, set out for another day of sightseeing, & risk throwing norah off even more? & suffer the consequences thusly? or put norah's important little schedule first & stay closer to home so she could get in her solid naps? (she sleeps okay but not great in her stroller when we're on the go. it's good for a day or two, but then...fits on trains, people. fits on trains).

it was ben who came up with the idea: he had a lot of work & deadlines piling up that he had been putting off so we could traipse around italy snacking & enjoying ourselves. "how about i," he said, "stay home with norah while just you go to cinque terre?"

welp,* folks, that's exactly what we did. ben stayed back with norah all day (he did NOT babysit ;)), letting her get her solid rest & reliable daily schedule*** in while also getting loads of work done. to his great relief. i signed myself up for a tour group, which was the best decision ever. thank you to someone else who planned my entire day for me! (atypical to our normal european traveling ways, we have been a little last minute & reliant on other people this trip. namely, we've paid for professional tour groups (something we've NEVER done before) & scrambled to buy tickets the night before or mere hours before the thing we wanted to do began. normally the two of us would just figure out the itinerary, transportation, & navigation out ourselves & mad max **** it from there.).

*i feel like i need to put this here everytime i use "welp" because ben forgets that it exists & is always like, "gurl, you spelled 'well' wrong"** 
**does benjamin allen frandsen say "gurl"??
****to mean using a pastiche of ingenious (dare i say "visionary"?), dangerous, or otherwise makeshift means to get us across any sort of hot, barren, desert-like conditions from point A to point B, with a whatever-it-takes attitude. + a healthy dose of feminism, haha. valhalla awaits!).

welp (SO glad i got explanation of that word over with, for this blog post at least), i believe i've done enough talking to set up this post. cinque terre was thrilling, it was a gorgeous day, & i had. an. AMAZING. time doing the whole traveling solo thing...

...while at the same time missing ben & norah desperately before the bus had even left the milan city limits that morning. ;)

funny side story: at one point during the tour, when our group was riding a boat out to monterosso (one of the cinque terre), i started up a conversation with the girl sitting behind me. at one point she asked, "where are you from?" when i told her new york, she replied, "oh, that's where i would have guessed you were from!"...i'm still nnnnnot quite sure if that really is a compliment, or....? haha :) 

anyway, i had a great time snapping photos all day, & also putting my camera down & just taking in the beautiful moments with my own two eyes. :) here's part 1!

if you're curious about the tour group i went on, & what itinerary we followed for the day, HERE is all the information. it was excellent & i would highly recommend going with that tour group, should you choose to do so instead of mad max-ing it (still rolling that phrase around in my brain, trying to decide if i like it or not).

see you at part 2!

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