Monday, July 20, 2015

cinque terre, italy - part 2.

hi! sorry it's been a few days since my last post. the last week has been pretty crazy, travel-wise (a 24-hour travel day from barcelona to los angeles, a long, hot drive from la to utah, packed days with family visits in provo, a flight by myself with norah to seattle...phew) but now norah & i are finally settled in seattle at my parents' house...& we're DONE traveling for the next month & a half! we will be making a trip to eugene, & back & forth from vancouver, but those are much more doable than any of the intense trips we took in europe. 

but if i was already behind on blogging about our trip while we were actually in europe, now that it's been a week or so since then, i'm so much more behind. yikes! here are a few more photos from my day trip to cinque terre. 

sassy italians:

i am so in support of the stripes on this church:

the pink colors of these buildings <3

this politically active door:

lemons are a big deal in cinque terre:

isn't this wall rock pretty?

aren't these black & white stripes inside the church........excellent?

shutters, & the linens hanging in the windows <3

i loved that people were stretched out on the rocks by the water:


these green, lush hills surrounding the water:

pretty pretty cinque terre. everything was fantastic! it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience...that i want to happen a second time so that i can bring the rest of my sweet fam :) on to spain!

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