Wednesday, July 1, 2015

lucerne, switzerland - kapellbrücke.

oh my gosh. hiiiii. sorry it's been a minute since you've gotten a new blog post--there have been packed sightseeing days & packed travel days, & now that we're relatively more settled here in spain, of course the internet is as slow as...well, these spanish beach days. it took me approx. three hours just to upload the photos in this very post.

i'm going to do a major rewind & travel back in time to the two weeks we spent in switzerland, which, yikes, means i'm SO behind on blogging this europe trip. but two paragraphs worth of griping & explanation seems sufficient, right? let's move on! & by "on" i mean, "back" the day we spent in lucerne!

lucerne was only about an hour train ride from where we were staying in villigen. ben's experiment had ended that morning, so it was a no-brainer for us to make the quick trip there for the day.

& speaking of which, one day was a pretty perfect amount of time for us to spend in lucerne. sure, things went a little slower with a baby in tow, & there were maybe one or two more things we would have liked to do, but we headed back to villigen that night feeling totally happy & satisfied with everything we were able to accomplish & see.


we visited the kapellbrücke (or "chapel bridge"), which is the oldest wooden covered bridge in europe. it crosses right over the reuss river, which makes its way through the heart of lucerne, & is basically one of the first things you see the moment you exit the train station. we had a lot of fun walking through it, & as you'll see in a lot of these photos, NORAH WAS THE MOST CURIOUS BABE of all the curious babes. she's becoming so, so observant &, no matter where we are, she doesn't rest until she looks at every single thing there is to look at.

paintings were up in a lot of the interior triangular frames (not sure if that's the best way to describe those?) depicting moments from swiss history, & a lot of them were violent. like, depicting beheadings, public executions, & all sorts of shiz that happened on religious crusades & whatnot. it kinda reminded me of those times in parks & rec when leslie talks about the early days of pawnee & more often than not it was usually of something, like, over-the-top violent. like i'm pretty sure that's a battle happening in this next painting:

a discarded cigarette started a fire on the bridge in 1993 (which, THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS). it burned a lot of the bridge & a good, good amount of the paintings. LET'S GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE. you can still see a lot of the aftermath of that fire today:

i promise i kept the tightest grip ever on norah in these next photos:

that norah: always looking:

as i maybe have mentioned before, i love when cities have rivers, & i can always be counted on to fall in love with the riverfronts instantly (i did a bit of research [like 5 seconds] & discovered i have mentioned cities & rivers before: on our last trip to switzerland! here). lucerne was no different. the buildings on the reuss river looked straight out of a wes anderson film.

i love that one sock, half-on, half-off. THE TIGHTEST GRIP EVER:

& a few more as we walked through kapellbrücke. check out norah checking out the ceiling!

another view of kapellbrücke (we entered from the other side, up there on the left)

she's a looker! (as in, she literally looks around at things)

her perpetually-raised eyebrows:

as we left kapellbrücke, we passed a chocolate & ice cream place (we stopped in to get some macarons). there was this giant ice cream cone outside that i thought matched norah's little sweater (thanks gap) perfectly, so i told ben, "hold norah in front of the cone & i'll take her picture!"

...i don't know why i was expecting something different than what actually happened. HA. 

part 2 to follow soon!

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