Friday, July 3, 2015

lucerne, switzerland - swiss bits.

one last post from switzerland, then it's off to italy! here are the rest of our lucerne pictorialz. just random images we took throughout the day. like THIS CRAZY COOL PAINTED HOUSE. it was like, the longer we stared at it, the more we discovered!.....& the more we were confused as to WHAT IT ALL MEANT. see that old lady in the flames? the white & grey spooky figure up at the top? are the characters below it throwing apples?? it's all too good:

another painted wall, this one a tad bit easier to take in (it reminds me of a maurice sendak illustration)

here's funny story: after snapping this photo of the entrance, we walked through that very door into the church & sat down for a bit. little did we know we had stumbled into some swiss organist's very public practice session: he was finishing up a very somber hymn as we sat down...then suddenly broke into that old pink panther theme song. we heard those first four notes & quickly looked at each other like, " this what i think it is....?" when those four notes were repeated, i whispered, "YEP. this is the pink panther." after the pink panther song, we heard those warm opening notes of john lennon's "imagine." by this time, i had gotten up to do a few slow laps around the church while ben sat next to the stroller holding our sleeping norah. we left after he (or she!) finished up "imagine" & had moved on to a rollicking sousa-type parade number. as we walked out, i said to ben, "now, remind me why 'imagine' isn't played more often in church settings?!" it was completely perfect & beautiful, & felt so fitting to be played in the church (yes, even with the "imagine there's no heaven & no hell" lines, & that "& no religion, too" as well ;)). here's the door to that church which houses the bon jovi of organists (or the bono of organists? or the lennon of organists? i am on a lennon kick right now after linking to the video for "imagine" earlier in this paragraph. currently listening to "instant karma"):

okay, i took this next photo, & i'm sharing it here, because i felt like it encapsulated perfectly my feelings about the german language, which i always tease ben about. "detaillistenverband"?? there is NO WAY that's a word ;)

i just asked ben to type out a long german word, & here he goes, along with our subsequent conversation:


me: what does it mean?

ben: car accident insurance company

me: & why do the germans insist on doing this?

ben:...because it's less efficient to add spaces between words?

you can find more hellalong german words HERE

anyway, here is the beautiful view we had of the alps & lake lucerne: 

you know there's a gorgeous spiral staircase hidden behind this, teasing us!

our pretty macaron box (from out of which i plucked a chocolate-passionfruit macaron--the first time i've ever had that flavor! it was such an interesting combination, & one i never would have thought of. after trying it that first time, i was still undecided on whether or not i liked it, so i had to go back & get a few the name of science! ben couldn't argue with that :) the final verdict is that i actually really like it. have you ever had?)

like beautiful, giant gingerbread houses:


this ivy-covered beaut was a particularly good riverside gem:

so much ivy!

but seriously, out of a wes anderson film, right?

heading to fondue with these two <3

we had fondue at the zu pfistern restaurant, & it was tons of fun. during dinner we realized neither one of us had ever had, like, a sit down dinner of fondue at a restaurant. sure, we've had little fondue parties with friends, & if you haven't partaken in one of those chocolate fountain-type fondue things at a wedding reception you're not mormon NOR american (& maybe you reading this are neither, which is also VERY ACCEPTABLE, haha), but this was this first time we've actually had it at a formal place. the meal was really filling--dense bread & potatoes dipped in the thickest, gooiest cheese ever--& we totally stuffed ourselves. norah was a gem & sat watching us in her stroller the whole time. she nibbled on crusts of our bread, bopped around with a few stroller toys, & only had a few moments of boredom the entire meal. phew

& thus i conclude documenting our day in lucerne. auf wiedersehen!

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