Saturday, July 4, 2015

milan, italy - duomo arigato!

on june 24, two wednesdays ago now, we woke up early (well, to me it was early. even though we have an early riser baby now, & a long stretch of early mornings with kids probably in our future, i'm going to fight until my dying day to call anything before 8 am what it is: an ungodly wakeup time ;)) & caught a bus that took us to brugg. once in brugg, we took a train to zurich, & from zurich, we hopped a train that dropped us off in milan four hours later. 

p.s. that train ride from zurich, through the alps, was STUNNING & GORGEOUS. we were able to peek in on tiny mountaintop villages, waterfalls, & peaks that are almost unaccessible any other way. plus, here in the heart of summer, everything was green & lush, & there were tons of bright colors to look at the entire time. beautiful!

thanks to that ungodly wakeup time, we arrived in milan nice & early--around 3 in the afternoon. we managed to make our way from the train station in central milan to our friends apartment, where we'd be staying for the next four nights (how we manage to get from city to city here in europe with all of our stuff and a wiggly baby is always beyond me. we arrive at the new place, & i'm always like, "we barely made it that time, how did we do it?!" but then, in the next few days, we pack up & do it all again, & every time we seem to manage--& not only manage, but actually pull it off quite smoothly). we unpacked a bit, chatted with megan & jasper, & eventually got our wits about us enough to head  back out for some dinner in the shadow of the duomo.

so norah goes these phases where she'll make this one specific face or noise for a few days, even a week or two, & then she'll move on to another funny new tic. this europe trip has seen her do this: she'll jut her lower lip & chin out & make this low, kind of rattly gurgle. it's kind of amusing/relatively tolerable in person, but IT DOES NOT PHOTOGRAPH WELL: 

& while all this ^^ magic was happening in norah's facial region.......her feet, just out of the shot above, were kicking me in the face:

her wily side eye ways continue, surprising no one:

here's the one family photo we got. not the worst one we've had taken of us, so thanks, stranger!

 the next morning, we went into the duomo proper (we also walked around on top! of that sweaty adventure to come in a future post). here is where i'll inject a very important note: a) you do have to buy tickets to get into the duomo. admission prices were raised recently, due to the influx of people in the city for the the expo (which, if you consult any local graffiti in milan, is being run by the mafia :0 ). b) there's a ticket office near the entrance of the duomo with a gigantic line & an hours-long wait time. but don't wait in that line: go around to the ticket office at the back! it's across the street from where the duomo back door would be. there were exactly two people ahead of us in line. 


norah's peek over at the camera while ben "prays" for a moment ;) a knave in the nave!

these next four photos are essentially the same; nay, they're EXACTLY the same. but asking me to choose just one would be like asking ben to stay awake in a cathedral ;)

her smile just squeezes my heart, bob wiley style, except unlike him, i'm not faking it ( he for real????)

my hair. you guys, i don't even know what's going on with it in these photos. i brought a brush on this trip, but most days i use what i like to call** "nature's brush": my fingers.

**i just made that phrase up 5 seconds ago for this blog post thxbai

lovvve this one of us looking at each other:

when i posted this next photo, someone on instagram called her a little church angel. i love it! thanks crewcuts, for all the sweet teeny clothes you make, & thanks IG friends, for being more creative at thinking up captions than i...because after i read that "church angel" comment i was like, "THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE CAPTION OF THIS PHOTO DANGIT" (all this while i am aware of the fact that one can edit IG captions)

i think this is the only photo we got of the duomo nave. but check out that tile! <3:

a few more of us. just a couple-a (reverently?) giggly galz in God's house:

 the angel is leaving the building:

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