Sunday, July 5, 2015

milan, italy - wrapping it up like a present, part 1.

a few more photos from il duomo! it is such a fantastically beautiful cathedral. while we were up exploring its rooftop (there's a great walkway up there that takes you around the entire perimeter. you have to pay an extra fee to go up there beyond what you have to pay to get inside, but we're getting enough of this europe trip for free that we're splurging a little bit) i was thinking how the duomo is higher up than the notre dame in paris in my mental list of favorite cathedral facades, like, by far (it's nothing personal, paris) (p.s. that paris post i just linked to! throwwwwbackkkkk).

speaking of mental you keep them? for some reason i'm all about not only categorizing things in my mind, but within those categories, i have to rank them. favorite pair of pink high heels i own? these puppies (the list only has two entries, BUT). favorite photo of norah? this one, currently. favorite new girl character? schmidt. obviously. favorite harry potter book?.........the 4th, after long deliberation. (i might need to give them a reread. it's been a few years since i've read any & my memory of the last few is fuzzy). favorite candy? a tie between skittles & sour patch kids. that's a harder one. & on & on.

& then poor ben bears some of the brunt of my relentless enjoyment of categorizing things. it's like i need to vocalize these types of questions so that someone else has to go through even just a fraction  of the type of ranking process i subject myself to. "who's your favorite cousin/composer/actor/physicist/mission companion?" "what's your favorite hairstyle of mine/noise norah makes/dessert/channing tatum movie/math equation?" (<<& in case you're wondering, these are all real life questions i have actually asked benjamin at some point in our knowing each other. & to answer your burning question...ben CLAIMS he quote can't remember any Channing Tatum movies close quote, but i'm pretty sure it is one of the step ups).

i'm always stressing because i can't choose ONE favorite band, say, or one favorite book, so i settle my mind by allowing myself to either a) have a constantly rotating list of two or three (currently it's milky chance, tame impala, maybe some kendrick lamar, some laura marling (that once i was an eagle album...), & bookwise? ben & i did that once HERE), or b) allowing myself a constant top five (i started making a list just now, but it just got longer & longer & i started having to cut the list down to five to retain my journalistic integrity, but then it's like, do you cut pink floyd out of your top five? do you cut out fleet foxes? or joanna newsom? or billy joel? [as you can see, my tastes, at least when it comes to all-time favorites, cover a gigantic spectrum) & it all got so stressful i had to delete EVERYTHING. & settle for merely describing my struggle. as you can see, the drawback for feeling a need to rank things in my life is that then it becomes incredibly difficult to choose the absolute favorite, & then i start to overthink things, & then the rational part of my mind needs to step in & be like, "okay, STOP. THIS LIST WILL MATTER TO NO ONE."

...anyway. whoa. after that long tangent, more duomo rooftop pictures, & the wonderful view of milan it provides!

p.s. ben took all of these rooftop photos. i told him to go on & keep exploring while i kept myself busy wrangling norah & our folded-up stroller (they don't let you take an open stroller around on the roof, which would have been good if it had been brought to my attention YESTERDAY :)), & i really liked this one:

back at the nances, jasper & norah hit it off like real pals. he's roughly a year & a half older than her, which these days seems like an age gap they'll never, ever conquer, but isn't it funny how in twenty years, that'll hardly seem like any age difference at all? norah (BUT WILL IT OVERTAKE THIS PHOTO FOR MY FAVORITE PHOTO OF NORAH EVER? DOES ANYONE CARE?)

...& i just cannot get over her left hand in this one. fingers close together so calm & proper. it is SO FUNNY.

it happens again, slightly, in this one:

post-bathtime is one of my FAVORITE times of the day (there i go again, RANKING THINGS ;)). norah, all sweet, clean, & fresh-smelling after her bath, & she's usually in a great mood (she luv her those bathtimes), & wrapped up tight in a towel like a little baby jesus. norah's baths are one of the first steps in our little bedtime routine we've got for her, & as i'm drying her off i start playing this music, or sing one of our favorite songs, & it starts to get us settled into quiet, calm nighttime-mode. <3

if you're curious about norah's whole bedtime routine, it usually goes something like:

1. bath (we usually do bath every other night, but here in hot, hot summery europe she gets sweaty & sticky enough that we do bath pretty much every night)
2. bottle
3. book & cuddles
4. i give norah a quick little massage with lotion while giving her a little rundown of her day: the fun things she did or saw, milestones, or "things we can work on for tomorrow" (usually it's something like napping a little bit longer, ha, but then again, that's been on us lately, sightseeing out & about & throwing off her naps a little bit)
5. singing this song (although with, admittedly, considerably less emoting & background echo-y keyboarding) while popping her in her sleep suit, popping the pacifier in her mouth, turning on the white noise, then peacing the heck outta there.

after that quick hiatus, here's back to milan:

sometimes it's so sunny the stroller cover won't even do the trick of covering the babe all the way up, so we just have to toss the entire burp cloth over her & be all, "sorry you won't be able to see anything for a sec, norah." she'll often express her independence in this manner:

a line of vespas:

we've been firmly abiding by the two-a-day rule when it comes to our gelato eating habits:

aaaaand it's getting late, meaning i'll have to conclude this post here & finish up with the rest of our milan photos tomorrow. see you then!

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