Thursday, August 6, 2015

barcelona, spain - ramble on!

la rambla is a stretch of street that was, i imagine, more lovely in past years. don't get me wrong: the tree-lined path made the whole visit worth it. beautiful. & there was a nice openness to the street--as its name suggests, you really do feel like you can ramble along, people-watching & spotting interesting architecture the entire time with hardly a care in the world.

even with all that, it still all felt very times square, you know? lots of pop-up shops blasting music & hawking tchotchkes, neon signs & info booths. we walked through the one time & felt like that was good. some of the side streets would have been neat to check out, though, which we didn't get to do.

at any rate, there was some really nice lighting, & we took a few pictures. maybe too many--this post is a little photo heavy, but i could no sooner leave out some of these than put a stop to the community marathon i've got going on on netflix these days. 

i love this one. giggling together:

norah was in a great mood, & had tons of admirers whenever we stopped to take a picture or three.

this one is so good, too. her face looks perfectly, devastatingly round:

i look at this one & all i want to do is smooch that little armpit chub she's got going on there:

she was definitely attempting to bite my sunglasses in this one:

& the way that bonnet frames her face! okay, i'll stop. I WILL STOP.

however. my ambivalent feelings about some elements of la rambla didn't keep us from picking up some gelato. naturally. ;)

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