Wednesday, August 5, 2015

barcelona, spain - sagrada familia.

more today from beautiful barcelona--this time, from the sagrada família, a large & beautiful roman catholic church designed by the visionary architect antoni gaudí, who, i mean, he was a genius. a genius! & we're already starting to get norah on board the gaudí train by reading her this book

we visited the sagrada família last summer but weren't able to go inside (it had already closed for the day, & we were flying back to the states the very next morning). we knew better this time around. 

the angels must have descended & blown some kisses onto our little gal, because she was a dream the entire time **cue heavenly choir singing** 

[not sure if "angels blowing kisses" is a thing] 

one needs a neck brace after craning back to stare at this breathtaking ceiling for hours:

norah, presumably taking it all in (although she often makes this face outside of the sagrada família as well, so, it's anyone's guess):

just look at that sweet little peanut:

i mean, that light <3 <3 <3 <3

it's too much. it's too beautiful!

are we 100% sure God didn't actually create this ceiling?

a small cherub:

so construction of the sagrada família began in the 19th century...& it's still going on today! some have projected that the church will be finished in...wait for it...2026. 

i mean, i guess after over 120 years, 10-ish more years isn't that much longer, right?

ben + audio tour:

norah's a big face-grabber. she'll just paw at who(m?)ever is holding her:

have you seen enough ceiling photos yet?.......................cuz i haven't!

the one thing is, the beautiful lighting streaming through the celestial stained-glass windows makes our skin look real green:

hence me giving up on some of these & just throwing them into black & white:

greeeeen, green skin:

sacrificing our firstborn to the roman catholic god:

in case you're curious, i love the way she's scrunching up her shoulders....

...aaaaaand the way she's scrunching up her nose:

& as if the inside of the sagrada família weren't the outside:

"jesus," & "notables," notably:

there are wayyyyyyy too many good things to look at in this photo:

the "sagrada família" themselves:

the wise men (or "the wise guys," as i remember a kid calling it when i used to have a primary calling)

the shepherds: 

& this heartbreaking statue of christ carrying the cross:


ugghghgadsflksdjf the sagrada família. i love it. as we were leaving, i told ben--& it continues to be true to this day--that i find it one of the most beautiful buildings in all of europe. 

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