Friday, August 7, 2015

europe from my iphone.

folks, good news: after this post, i am DONE blogging about our europe trip! even i'm getting sick of talking about it. here is the last batch of photos from that one time we went to europe:

1. let it be known that the best place to buy cute switzerland:

 2. the [amazing] view from our place in switzerland:

3. this girl's goat onesie & our bedsheets that matched it:

4. this polka-dot van, as seen in switzerland?

5. norah hamming it up (she's almost crawling. so close)

6. norah looks different all the time, but in these series of photos she looks particularly like ben:

i mean, that is bennnn:

7. a sweet sleeping baby in spain:

8. hot chocolate & churros in barcelona (hot chocolate + churros, which is often eaten for breakfast, is a fantastic meal that america needs to incorporate more steadily into our culinary repertoire)

don't these churros look amazing, though? despite the fact that they're kind of phallic? ;)

9. in which post-bath norah looks like either E.T. or baby jesus (i can't get over her laughing in that one on the bottom right):

10. just a cute photo of the little sweet potato:

11. sweet little petit bateau pjs & dresses that will fit norah in a few months (i did a fair amount of shopping in barcelona, sorry/not sorry, ben ;))

12. norah & ben's blues:

13. just an extremely accurate airplane situation (but also, cranberry juice always sounds amazing on an airplane, right? that is a truth.)

14. norah's reaching for delicious sweets. we're teaching her well (& i'm now realizing that is an embarrassingly large amount of macarons)

 15. family walks in spain:

aaaaand that's curtains on our summer 2015 europe trip.  let's move this blog on back to the states!



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