Sunday, August 23, 2015

snohomish, washington - the norah & shayla club.

after those 2.5 days in salt lake city, norah & i hopped on a plane to seatac while ben headed, yes, ONCE AGAIN, to europe. this time it was france, where he spent about 11 days working at a lab in grenoble before joining us in snohomish (we decided it would be for the best for the babe & me to pass on a second transatlantic flight--& a gigantic time difference from which we just barely recovered from--in as many weeks).

here's what i look like after doing 3 hours of church with norah (a look that stays the same whether i do church by myself or with ben ;)). i've lost my edge after being out of NYC for a couple of months--when you drive everywhere, you don't need to bring a pair of flats to change into, riiiight?...wrong. at the moment this photo was taken, i desperately wanted out of these heels. but her bonnet! riiiight?? right.

young asher working on some business deals:

my mom found an old (& randomly gigantic?? you can't quite tell in this picture, but that sucker's an 8x10!) photo of me as a baby that we thought looked particularly like norah. i think it's the eyes:

i sort of see norah in this other one of me, too. the mouth, the cheeks, kind of the whole face (it's not often that norah looks like me, so i'm reveling in it)

aaand a final one of yours truly. behold the gigantic eyes in their entirety! (the ratio of eyes-to-face has lessened signiiiiiificantly as i've gotten older)

i love the faces norah is making in these. maybe it's her sweaty hair, but she's got that sweet ragamuffin look. her sideways smile strikes again in the bottom right:

never change, belly. never change:

cuddles with adelaide, who was so still & calm in these photos that the contrast to norah was almost comical:

more great adelaide / aunt interaction...

the only thing i can say about this photo is moon emoji, guys. MOON. EMOJI.:

next up are the kinds of photos that, with any luck, the two of them will be looking back on with fondness:

i love the shadows on asher's sweet face here:


yet another piece of evidence to submit re: the kinds of  photos you'll receive if you're friends with me on snapchat <l <l <l (<---- pizza)

warning, multiple piercings ahead! ;)

she kept her arm on my chest like this for, like, 7 baby years <3

i personally find it next-to impossible to capture the full scope of abundant cuteness that is norah's giant blue eyes, but this photo does an adequate job:

ben flew back from france & landed at seatac in the middle of the day, so my mom & i decided to make a trip out of it. after picking him up from the airport, we drove an extra 15 minutes to--wait for it--ikeaaaaaaaaaaaa (said like this). after almost two weeks of solo parenting, i was more than ready to hand norah off to ben for the next 17 billion hours. norah commenced to be the cutest little pearl & fell asleep in her pop's arms within minutes:

the best welcome home gift ever xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

(norah pooped through her outfit as soon as we arrived at ikea, & in an uncharacteristic move by me, we had no change of clothes for her, arrarurghghghh [i acknowledge my shortcomings as a mother; this isn't one of them. normally i have her diaper bag stocked relatively well. it was just one of those off days, diaper bags-wise]. hence, us wandering around ikea in all her diaper-y glory or, at best, wrapped in aden & anais. haha/oooops)

we all know the best part of ikea, other than the cafeteria, is the part where you get to pick up all the lighting, frames, fake plants, wall decor, & other cool sttuuuuuffffff (said in, yes, that same voice)

ben hung back & sat in one of the chairs in the chair section for about an hour while the little bunny slept, & mom & i continued on our way (WE STOP FOR NOTHING & NO ONE IN IKEA). it was like a weird it-almost-felt-like-our-living-room-but-it-was-the-ikea-showroom sort of thing. but in a sweet way.



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