Monday, August 10, 2015

swims in the frandsen pool.

ben's parents have a lovely, gigantic pool in their backyard, because people who live in california live charmed lives where swimming pools just exist in backyards, as do lemon & orange trees, & the weather is just always gorgeous, &, like, you live down the street from the cast of friends or whatever :) 

lucky for me, the esposo is originally from this magical californian land, so yours truly is able to enjoy the pool, the lemons, the sunshine, et al. whenever a visit to the in-laws is in order (& friends is on netflix! which makes it seem like they live down the street. so, winning all around). one afternoon while we were there he took norah out for a little dip to see if she remembered any of her swimming skillz from those adorable swim lessons we took her to.

might have to throw this one up on the old IG sometime in the next few days:

the sun was briiiight & sorry if consequently these photos are blinding you right now, they're so washed out. my little editing fingers tried their best to make them not so burning with white-hot heat:

her crooked smiiiiiile:

her fingers in her mouth:

this one cracks me up. TOTAL FACE PLANT into the water. like, straight down. i couldn't have gotten a photo this perfectly timed if i tried:

& post face-plant:

it was a lazy, quiet afternoon in the frandsen's 'hood, so the only noise i heard were giggles, little splashes made by norah's tiny fists & feet, & the snaps of our trusty dslr.

gaaahhh that squishy face of hers there on the right:

THIS PHOTO. i am sorry it's SO blown out. i tried putting it into black & white, i tried pulling out the shadows, i tried lots of things. to no avail. but i thought it was too sweet to delete, i say. too sweet to delete:

staring contest:

a visit from grandma frandsen. we love her!

& a few from the diving board, with that bundled-up baby:

bottle feeding isn't as pretty ("meaningful" might be a better word, actually) in photos as breastfeeding, perhaps, but so it goes when your stubborn, feisty, curious baby weans herself:

(i do love that photo on the right, though [& a random public-service announcement: making a "shhhh" sound photographs as duck lips. try it!])


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