Saturday, September 12, 2015

vancouver, b.c. - life & times in canadia.

 who's got two thumbs & has severely shirked her blogging responsibilities for far too long now??...this girl. *points to self* i'll make it up to you with a looooong blog post. here we go:


let's go back a solid few weeks or so--while also happily declaring that we're back home safe & sound in new york!--& catch you all up on those few weeks the three of us spent in vancouver. it was such a delightful time--we were there for long enough that we rented a little place, found all the best baby swings in the neighborhood, bought groceries, & settled in for almost a month.

the more i'm in vancouver, the more i love it. it really is such a great city. check out the charming neighborhood our apartment was in:

[while also nothing that our one-bedroom apartment looked nothing like any of these places ;) ]

despite the fact that we bought groceries & had a little kitchen in our place, we checked out a lot of new restaurants this time around. i got the steak salad with grilled avocado on the side at Tractor, & in that glorious picture there on the right is snickerdoodle ice cream on the right, & salty caramel on the left. YUM.


norah is at that great where she crawls, rolls, wriggles, & is sturdy enough that we can play with her without worrying about breaking her:

VERY matchy in blue during a quick weekend visit to the 'rents (it's only about a 3.5 hour drive between vancouver & snohomish! another plus for the city)

normally in side-by-side photos of norah & me i can see how similar we look, but in this one she's ALL ben:

stripes on stripes on stripes:

sharing this one because you can see how the legs of norah's outfit baaaaaarely snapped over her sweet leg chunk (& you can also see that snap on the left there that JUST. WOULDN'T. SNAP.)

we grabbed brunch one day at aphrodite cafe, & it was, to date, the best behaved norah has ever been in a restaurant, EVER. it's her new standard. by a MILE (except last night at dinner with friends, when we were gathering up our things & getting ready to leave, the guy at the table next to us saw norah & said, "oh! i didn't realize you had a baby sitting there the whole time!" successssss). that photo on the left perfectly captures her behavior as we ate (we fed her, as well): quiet, sweet, looking around at all the restaurant goings-on with her giant eyes, smiling at our long-haired waiter every time he came to our table, & being excellent. way to go, guuuurl. maybe the tightness of her pant legs around her thighs had something to do with it? this is a theory i will explore: 


& this one cracks me up, like, her hand on my cheek all, "shhh, shhhh, yes, i'll allow you to kiss my cheek, my child"

baby stuff is funny, because no matter how well or compactly we pack up her baby bag, it seems to multiply whenever we start pulling stuff out. we leave barely being able to pack everything back in:

we LOVE aphrodite cafe. it's all organic, local (VERY THIS), fresh deliciousness. we try & go every time we're in vancouver (the last time we went i was secretly pregnant!).

oh, canada. who knew a miniature maple syrup flask would become a NEED in my life, not just a WANT?!

i spotted this puppy in the university of british columbia's bookstore once while perusing with norah. i chose the bottom two:

for all the growing & changing norah did this summer while we were gone, i'll remember vancouver specifically for her sudden burst into army crawling everywhere & getting into everything. 

& can we talk about army crawling for a second? it's been a totally useful way for our curious girl to fulfill that need she has to SEE & KNOW & DO & TOUCH ALL OF THE THINGS HAPPENING ALL THE TIME, but it really is nothing more than her sliding across the nasty-A ground. so whenever we scoop her up after a good session of crawling & exploring (we usually kept her in just a diaper because our apartment had no air conditioning & would get wildly hot during the day), her stomach is usually covered in hair, random flecks of thread or dirt, & then a ton of stuff gets lodged in the rolls of her neck. lint balls, dust, & we even found a cheerio within her rolls an embarrassingly long time after we had picked her up from crawling. it's pretty sobering stuff. 

needless to say, i kind of obsessively clean our floors now that we're back in nyc, because nothing tells you your floors are in need of a good scrubbing like your baby's neck rolls.

 & all this to say, of course, that bathtime these days is not an option...'TIS MANDATORY. 
norah's hair is at this funny length right now where, if i don't brush her bangs off to the side in a cute little swoop, they'll look kind of caesar augustus-y.

morning smooches (taking full advantage of the natural sunlight we never see in our apartment back home)

i love this onesie of norah's. it says "best. day. ever." & minus that one time when she wore it & had, like, the worst day she's ever had, she usually has good-to-awesome days when she wears it.

one afternoon we stole ourselves away to pirate joe's--vancouver's own purveyor of smuggled trader joe's goods. it was pretty funny, but also, you know, like any normal trader joe's you'd ever see, except this time accompanied by that exciting feeling you get when you're being rebellious (a feeling i'm very familiar with, heeehee. kidding!) & signs over the cash register that read "trader joe's doesn't like us, but we love them." 

despite all this air of rebellious fun, it really was just like like your standard, local trader joe's:

we left with a delicious bag of smuggled goods. sneaky! (spot norah chewing on her shoe that SHE NEVER KEEPS ON HER FOOT?? grumble!)


i love these babes in their matching blues. more canadian goodness to come! soon!

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