Monday, September 14, 2015

vancouver, b.c. - lighthouse hike.

have you ever dressed for a simple, easy walk out to a lighthouse only to slowly discover that what you thought was going to be a simple, easy walk out to a lighthouse along a paved path is actually a somewhat demanding hike & the stroller you thought you would be able to roll along the paved path won't roll smoothly because the paved path is not actually a paved path but rather dusty, bumpy, & tree-root-strewn trail & & you didn't bring your baby carrier so you have to carry your baby & every footstep kicks up tons of dust not to mention pebbles that get lodged tightly in your shoe & the sun is only getting hotter & to make things even more annoying you're sweating through clothes that aren't exercise clothes?

...well, we have.

we decided to walk out to the point atkinson lighthouse thinking it would be a quick, easy walk out to some beautiful scenery & then boom, back to the car, but it turned out to be a little harder & dirtier than that. there were a few times we stopped & almost turned around, if nothing else simply because we weren't emotionally prepared for anything other than an easy walk, but ultimately we endured to the end (which is a hella important gospel principle). 

luckily queen norah had her attending servants carry her the whole time & also catered to that one specific hat whim she has:

so these next six (!) photos are all basically the same, but there's no way i could even pick one. they just encapsulate so perfectly all the elements of norah's delightful little personality: her curiosity, how much life & energy is communicated with her eyes, & her contagious excitement & happiness. that girl <3 

& then after all that hiking & is our view of the top 12% of the lighthouse ;)

norah's face <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

hopefully these pictures adequately communicate just how dang pleasant baby girl was the entire time. she was in an excellent mood:

witness in this next series of photos the way norah's attention turns from the camera to...something else. a bird? a plane? superman? whatever it is, it's REAL cute.

smiling for the camera...

...then she spots it...'s going up, whatever it is...

...& up...

...aaaaand she's back.

gigantic smiles on the way back to the car:

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