Saturday, September 12, 2015

vancouver, b.c. - stanley park motherboy.

stanley park is like the central park of vancouver in an oasis-in-the-middle-of-the-city sense, but it's even wilder, more beautiful, more gigantic, & with tons more stuff going on (sorry CP, you know i love you). 

we made sure to make a visit, even if it wasn't as long or as exploratory as we would have liked (normally my parents visit & bring enough bikes so that we can ride around the entire park, but that trip just wasn't in the cards to work out this summer).

here's norah bringing a refreshing & modern interpretation to that age old idiom "i'll eat my hat" by literally eating a hat:

norah, mid-spit:

chambray is one of my love languages, so when i spotted a norah-sized chambray (in the boys' section, oog) at h&m my mind was immediately thrown into ecstatic visions of motherboy, round two:

(also i'm obsessed with the tight, pristine parallel-ing of her legs in this one)

& now, a series of great faces from our norah eliot:

we are twinning & we are not ashamed-ed (at least for a few hours):

blue outfits, blue eyes, can't lose:

love these next two photos. those big eyes, a quiet moment, a slightly large chambray. ;) so sweet:

we found this pretty background & a rock-bench very conveniently in front of it. more twinning photos! ACTIVATE NOW:

exhibit A: apparently i stick out my tongue when i concentrate?

exhibit B: apparently i stick out my tongue when i concentrate?

check out that baby, just lounging:

not a care in the world:

thxx stanley park

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