Sunday, October 18, 2015

29 rooms.

new york fashion week seems to grow bigger & more outlandish every year (which, don't get me wrong, is not necessarily a bad thing). these days, it seems like with all of the dinners, shows, outfits, kendall jenner instagrams, street-style craziness, & other events happening during the week, you have to do something really big or different to be truly heard above the hoopla (a great word that we all really should be using more often). cue refinery 29's 29 rooms.

i mean, so all 29 rooms really was, was this highly instagrammable setup that truly tested your devotion to curating fomo-esque instagram feeds by daring to be alllll the wayyyy out there in a warehouse in greenpoint. (TRY GETTING TO GREENPOINT WITH A STROLLER IS ALL I'LL SAY HERE) (ALSO TRY TRYING TO APPEAR COOL & HIP AMONG FASHIONABLE EARLY-20-SOMETHINGS WITH WHAT IS VERY OBVIOUSLY & MOST DECIDEDLY AN INFANT IS ALSO ALL I'LL SAY HERE) 

OUR A--hang on, gotta turn the caps lock off. ahem. our assessment of 29 rooms? was pretty awesome. ("our" here being "corinne's & my") 

but let's get down to what 29 rooms actually is. refinery 29 (which writes gem-like articles of this caliber) celebrated ten years by creating a "wild, interactive funhouse highlighting style and culture through installations, one-of-a-kind performances, virtual-reality experiences, music and more." so 29 different rooms, each featuring a unique art installation, performance, or creative immersive experience. in other words, SO MUCH GOOD INSTAGRAMMABLE STUFF.

you can read more about the 29 rooms here, here, or even here.

i die over joseph's sweet serious face in these two. i'm also not 100% sure these aren't actually the same photo.

joseph was happily going nutso in the beanbag room (in his defense, it was a really great room) & norah was looking on all, "wuuuuuut."

one room had this hilarious dress made out of real plants. you know, foliage, & shiz. norah was covered in dirt after i took her away from holding her up to it. ha.

oh man, the cloud room. i loved the cloud room. corinne took this one below. little norah sunshine!

& this one from the camouflage room - i canNOT get OVER little norah noodle's sweet face, with her eyes looking to the side like that. it's funny, i don't know if it's just randomly in this photo, or what, but i don't think we look ANYTHING alike here. maybe our jawlines do, a smidge? but other than that, i'm getting nothing.

& the message on the wall as we made our way down the stairs at the end of all of it.

thanks 29 rooms!

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