Thursday, October 22, 2015

hold on to your butts!

by a long shot, our new favorite museum is the cooper hewitt design museum. i had heard a lot of good things about it, so a few saturdays ago we decided to check it out, leading to the discovery that THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST IDEAS WE'VE EVER HAD. the museum actually has a somewhat eclectic collection--an exhibit on textile design was next to a hallway featuring mid-20th century advertising & posters, followed by a tiny room showcasing woodwork models, a behind-the-scenes look into how pixar movies are designed, & so on. we loved this one room where you drew on a tiny screen & your design was projected onto the three walls around you:

the museum is located in the andrew carnegie mansion, & it's this perfect old giant of a house. sadly i only took ONE PHOTO of the inside, & it is:

we also got a photo in the beautiful stairway...where we took a quick break to feed norah a bottle. whenever norah drinks a bottle, even if it's right after she wakes up, she gets real sleepy & rubs her eyes almost nonstop. maybe it's the sucking motion that reminds her of her pacifier, which these days we try to only give her at naptimes & bedtimes? she's like a cute, human version of pavlov's dog.

a few nights after visiting the museum, ben & i got a babysitter & went to hold on to your butts. now, if you read that phrase & thought, "hey, that sounds familiar," YOU'RE RIGHT. it's samuel l. jackson's oft-repeated (okay, he actually says it only twice, but those two times live in the mind FOREVER) line in the cinematic classic jurassic park. hold on to your butts is a comedy show in which two men reenact jurassic park in its entirety (while a third person sat to the side doing all the side effects). 

you guys. hold on to your butts was one of the best--IF NOT THE BEST--shows we've been to all year. we were ROLLING in the aisles, it was so, SO funny. i can't even really try & do the show justice. they nailed all the great &/or funny things about jurassic park--one of them even acted out the goat!--had hilarious, random props, & it was all gold. just pure comedy gold. it was SO good.

randomly, there's a trailer for the show, & it's so insanely worth watching it's not even funny. like seriously, please watch it right now. i even embedded it in this post & everything, to make it THAT much more easier & convenient for you to watch it:

SO funny, right?? after watching this video ben & i ACTUALLY spent a significant amount of time working out our own version of the theme song they sing in this trailer, complete with harmonies & all (i sing melody, ben takes the higher harmony line). if you're one of those lucky, dang lucky people who follows me on snapchat, maybe you'll remember we performed a small snippet of it & sent it off to all of you (or maybe you tried to erase that memory from your brain & even now are experiencing traumatic episodes in your head trying to re-forget it after i've mentioned it here). if you somehow unluckily missed that snapchat, or are not one of the lucky, dang lucky people who follows me on snapchat, & would like to hear an harmonized version of ben & i performing the jurassic park theme song, send me a request by email/snapchat/facebook/ben's email/twitter/ben's twitter/instagram/ben's instagram/ben's facebook/vine/text/text ben/owl.

a side-by-side comparison of baby (more like toddler) ben & baby norah. i'm finding it pretty spot-on:

i call this next series "little baby in a big* bed"

*big-ish...can you believe we only sleep on a full?! ben & i, both clearing five feet ten inches in height, squish on there together & needless to say things get real cozy at night, whether we want them to get that way or not :)

norah loves crawling around on our bed (she usually gets so excited to be on our bed that she goes a little nuts, but cutely & gleefully so) & pulling the covers up over her head:

norah as the messiest eater in all the land (actually, this level of messiness isn't bad at all. believe it or not, this is one of her **cleaner** moments as an eater of solid foods)

^^those last two photos. that cheeser grin. i diiiiiieeeeeeee.

a few weekends ago, ben's sister rachel & her husband jonathan came to town to attend a friend's wedding, & they brought their youngest kiddo, mary. now, norah & mary alice have a long, looooong history of best friendship/cousin-dom, (& they're only a week apart in age!) so it was a happy reunion for everyone involved. 

norah expressed her excitement, appreciation, & love for mary alice's presence by treating her like a la-z-boy:

norah getting her lounge on:

  dat gut <3:

bedtime stories (+ a rare moment in which norah is actually paying attention to the story)

dat side eye:

& now, time for everyone's favorite blog segment, screeennnshoootttttts of my snapchhaaaaatttts!


norah in tights & bloomers is quite possibly my favorite version of her:

so, this is funny: we take a lot of family selfies in our apartment building elevator (that's not necessarily the funny part, unless you're like, "selfies! what a trite tool of the vapid, vain, & entitled millenial generation! how amusing!"). anyway, so whenever we selfie as a family, i stick my phone way up in the air to get all of us in it & we all end up craning our necks looking up at it. my face always seems to be closest to the bright elevator light overhead, so in every elevator photo it looks all white-washed. it makes me think of that arrested development episode every time, where gob gets lucille a fake license to make her appear younger, & he "airbrushes her into oblivion." haha.

norah's has almost fully grown out of her little "hi" hat & i'm devastated (that's only a slight exaggeration). needless to say, i'm on the lookout for her next ballcap that will match with basically anything she wears (which is usually grey, blue, cream, denim, pale pink, or dusty rose). a tall order, size 6-12 or 12-19 month old ballcap, ARE YOU OUT THERE? DO YOU EXIST? WILL YOU WAIT FOR ME? 


& the end!

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