Friday, October 9, 2015

oregon family photoshoot, part 4 - more.

are you sick of this photoshoot yet?

more photos after the break, BUT NO PRESSURE.


i'm obsessed with the background. those trees! so good:

ugh i loves this one, precious:

norah's tiny round head! i die:

a favorite:

lauren made that flower crown in about 45 seconds. impressive, right?

my awkward crouch:

 norah's little peek over the shoulder:

i know i said this already, but i still can't get over the trees in the background:

the one kissing photo i'm putting in this post. gross!

we did a little more exploring along the beach & found this beautiful little inlet tucked away on the coastline. a prrrrfect spot for the final photos of the day. the details in these photos is insane; you can see every. single. thing. on those rocks we're standing in-between. every crack & shadow. you'd know exactly what those cliffs would feel like if you ran your hands over them. 

fun fact: the water was arctic levels of freezing. like that one episode of america's next top model where caridee freezes in the water. seriously, was the pool that cold?

norah's furrowed brow:

that's it! we're done! no more photos from this shoot to post! it's your lucky day. you'll never have to rest your weary eyes on these photos again. unless we send one out in our christmas card--then you might have to see, at most, one of these, one more time. 

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