Saturday, October 17, 2015

our first month back from the summah

first off, norah's eyes in this first one:

it feels like forever ago that we flew back into the city after being away all summer--perhaps that's because we've had such a busy fall, or the fact that i'm super late blogging this so it actually was, like, over a month & a half ago now (it most definitely could be that second reason). buuuut it was such a momentous occasion at the time, this returning to our beloved home after being gone for, truly, WAY too long, that i snapped a few photos from the taxi to document the event.

these photos are pretty much exactly the same, but norah's face is equally sweet in both of them that i couldn't decide which one to delete!...that happens so, so often on this blog:

(the triumph of the homecoming being somewhat marred by the fact that there was an accident ahead of us on the road, an accident SO huge that we were in standstill traffic for over an hour. we started out the car ride so jubilant, & then by the time we got to our apartment it was like "GET. me OUT. OF THIS CAR." the best case of "womp womp," possibly ever. at least we got some naps in?)

so, in case you were wondering how many boxes accumulate over two & a half months when you have a love of online shopping...this is how many:

i love this next sequence of photos. norah & i walked up to campus (i make that sound like a big deal; it's not. we essentially live across the street) to meet up with ben. there's sunlight streaming through the trees, the trees themselves are lovely, ben & norah are in matching blues, & norah's body is in a PERFECTLY STRAIGHT line for many, many of these:


we have this running joke that ben is obsessed with mr. softie ice cream cones, but he actually committed the crime of not ever purchasing one throughout the entirety of 2015. how this happened, i'll never know??!!! by the time we were back in town, it was the beginning of september & the window of available mr. softies was closing rapidly, for the winter. so benny boy nabbed a cone the very second he spotted a mr. softie truck parked near our apt.

a favorite from the sargent exhibit at the met:

& a few quick stills from when i peeked into the china through the looking glass exhibit, also at the met. it was GLORIOUS. i bought the exhibit book because a) i loved it all SO SO much, & b) because i wish i would have been able to spend more time wandering through there.  

there was a moon being projected on the ceiling that reflected on the faux-lake beneath it:

(these mannequins were positioned in the lake)

i made sure to spend a lot of time with steph before she moved away to florida to marry her one true love (& to make up for not getting any steph time while we were traveling). one of the things i did was accompany her to our favorite (& cheap!) massage place one last time...& rock that post-massage hair, haha:

speaking of steph, there she gooesssssss (but not to worry, we'd see her again in two weeks at her wedding! more on that to come)

in which we celebrated haturday in the best way possible: by all wearing hats:

& now it's time for everyone's favorite element of my blog!.....screenshoottttttsssss of my snaaapchaaaaattttssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for which, at least for this specific post, i will provide the same amount of information as i do in the snapchats: none. what you see is what you get, in 10 seconds or less. i mean, & also it's getting late & i'm heading off to bed soon, so, no more time to type. :)

good night!

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