Wednesday, October 28, 2015

outer banks wedding weekend.

steph is one of my best besties, so when she met the man of her dreams michael in a whirlwind of love (& internetty-ness; they met on!) & announced they'd be getting married in september in the outer banks it was like, of course we're going to that.

steph & michael were married by the sea, in front of a gorgeous old brick lighthouse, surrounded by the billions of people (it felt like!) who love them. steph is just one of those people that is beloved by all, you know? anyway, the weather was beautiful (& hot!), & a bride couldn't ask for anything more for her wedding day.

our bishop from here in nyc married the two of them, & it was excellent, not only because it was over & done with, nay, signed, sealed, delivered, in about 8 minutes. it was quick! so we could get straight to the party :) 

love this picture of steph:


do you see michael's sons behind him twinning in their red pants?

happy day!

us, afterwards, with the million things for baby it seems we carry around with us 24/7 these days:

the reception was held at one of the gigantic, gorgeous vacation homes along the coast. check out that dreamy view from one of the two (!) decks:

i love norah's face in these. i carried her around in a backpack all weekend:

item no. 718 of decor/design/fun ideas i wish i had at my wedding reception: a photo booooooooth:

i'd like to formally apologize for my face in these next two photos. i think i was trying to communicate the high level of fun happening at the reception? maybe? the face i will not apologize for, though, is maggie's. look at her there, in the yellow. is it possibly the worst moment of her life?

a bride & groom selfie. a brelfie? grelfie? michael's all "heyyyyyyyy i'm sick of smiling for photosssss......." ha:

toting around a child of my loins AND the complex af carrier with which i toted around said child of my loins did NOT stop me from getting out there right in the middle of the dance flo': 

(also i'm 100% sure that's norah's pacifier clipped to my dress, dangling & bouncing to the beat, so)

(i could barely fight off all the single hot men, is what i'm trying to say)

i am LOVING norah & steph's interaction in these photos:


our matching bare feet easily clinched the deal for any prospective single hot men:

<3 <3 <3 <3

thanks gap for all you see happening on norah currently:

this interaction between scott porter, last seen on the blog HERE, & norah frandsen, last seen on the blog everywhere, has me cracking up. where he got the wig from, i suppose that will remain one of the great mysteries of the universe. norah's like "WHAT" but she's also, i dunno, actually kinda into it?

these next few photos also have me cracking up. i think we decided that somewhere nearby someone else was taking a photo with a flash? anyway, the quality of these goes from bad, to worse. you'll see:


such a fun weekend. more photos of outer banks prettiness to come!

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