Monday, November 23, 2015

photos lauren took, part 2: beautiful columbia campus.

more photos from our quick photoshoot with lauren, the photographer extraordinaire & the frandsen family's de facto photographer of 2015 because of the seemingly millions of times she's captured our mugs this year.

stroll on over to lauren's photography website HERE

i love this one of us looking in the same direction:

is that single bit of norah's hair the answer, my friends? because it's blowin' in the wind:

i do like this one, even though my mouth is doing a weird slight-grimace:

ugh her tiny hand on my shoulder i CANNOT:


attempting to fit that WHOLE fist into her mouth:


a particularly effective side-eye:

there's definitely a little bit of "get away" body language in that right arm of hers:

a few teeth (she's currently growing numbers 9 & 10!) poking out of a crooked smile:

one more segment of "photos lauren took" & then it's on to other things!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

photos lauren took: norah & her pretzel.

we headed to lauren's bus stop a little early so that she could snap a few pictures of us before flying home. (if i remember correctly, she ended up grabbing a cab! her bus didn't show & we were starting to worry she wouldn't make her flight. not a super important detail. moving on.)

i've always loved that we live so close to columbia. it's a gorgeous campus & i always feed off the energy of all the students buzzing about. 

norah had some residual sniffles & snottiness from a cold she had a few days before these photos were taken. if you look closely you can see some bogeys (i love that word) huddled around her nose in this next one, & it cracks me up. needless to say, the presence of bogeys doesn't stop this from being an absolute favorite of mine. those eyes!

tentative first bite:

reallllly sinking her teeth in:

i love the way her feet are curling:

i just can't get over the way her blue eyes pop in these pictures:

her crescent moon-sized laughing eyes there on the right!!

it's crazy looking at these photos of norah in short sleeves & bare feet (she refuses to keep shoes on! always & forever. so we let her stroll around the island as a barefoot hippie child the entire time the weather was warm). she goes outside in nothing less than a gigantic puffy onesie these days #snowbesity

norah would have chewed on this pretzel for days if someone would've allowed it:

more photos to come!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

when lauren came to town.

lauren came to visit in early october for about a week & it was so great, because when she comes to town, it's always a good time. we made some really fun plans & i was so excited for what the week had in store. (check out the other times lauren has made an appearance on the blog here, here, & the last time she visited the city here & here.)

one of the first things we did while lauren was here was head out to brooklyn to celebrate edie's second birthday (we were also there when edie celebrated her first birthday). it's crazy to think that we'll be throwing a little birthday party of our own soon - norah is almost one!??!

norah & edie shared a few, uh...moments:


hilary & stephen basically always have a beautiful spread of food. there were--count them there on the right--FOUR gorgeous, delicious, homemade pies:

(i love baking all sorts of treats, but in this lifetime i have yet to bake a pie, by myself, from scratch. it intimidates me to no end. anyone who can do that gets allllll of my respect)

i think we determined norah & edie are......cousins once removed? is that it? edie is the daughter of ben's cousin........feel free to weigh in on their relationship.

(additionally, do you see edie touching norah's hair in that photo on the left? <3 <3 <3 her unsure face in those first two photos is also funny)
(i'm also in love with norah's jawline in that photo on the right)

on monday (or was it sunday? can't remember) we had brunch at le pain quotidien (the line across the street at jacob's pickles, our original brunch destination, was way too long. most unfortunate)

have i talked about this sweet little blue sweater of norah's before? the front of it sports a duck on one side & a goose on the other. you can kind of spot them in some of those photos, as well as the ones earlier from edie's birthday. i loved the sweater so much i bought it in two different sizes:

the three of girls (remember, even though you actually haven't seen any photos of her yet in this post, lauren was in town ;)) had breakfast the next morning at norma's. norah was a perfect lamb! lucky for us. we fed her pieces of our waz-za (but only the smallest pieces, because that stuff is sweeeeet) & eggs benedict.

heeeeeere's lauren. & pretty columbia campus in the background!

the sky in this photo is breathtaking!

hilarious group photo:

lauren & i were snapchatting like crazy during the week she was here (i mean, really--if you follow either one of us on snapchat i almost feel like i should apologize for blowing up your feeds that week), & she sent out this one particularly sweet video of the babe right after we all woke up one morning. i had to grab a few screenshots of norah's cute face:

the three of us (that is, lauren, norah, & i) headed down to the village one afternoon for pizza & popbar...

...& norah was all smiles the entire ride home: 

we unintentionally gave lauren a big, bright wake up call to the world of navigating new york city with a giganto stroller (carrying those suckers up & down subway stairs when there are no elevators to be had is an amazing workout, i swear)

having visitors come to town is always a good excuse to spend a few extra $$$ to see a broadway show, i always say (<---- actually this is the first time i've said that, but that doesn't make it any less true)

lauren & i saw both beautiful & the book of mormon

if you're interested in hearing my thoughts on the book of mormon, scroll through the comments a bit on this instagram post. the tl;dr version of it is this: it was incredibly funny, it was unnervingly spot on in its capture of mormon (& esp. missionary) culture, & it was stunningly vulgar.

...but look at that set tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel bad because we did so many other things that i didn't get any pictures of. we went to the top of the rock, we grabbed pizza at a few different spots, we had hot chocolate, we explored the village, & lots more. thanks for coming laauurrrrr


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