Sunday, November 8, 2015

basically an outer banks ad.

hello! let's continue to get caught up on the frandsens' fall, shall we? ("fall" more as season of the year, less son of the morning). first, let's look at this hilariously ridiculous pose in which norah tried to drink her bottle. she's facing the ground & the milk is nowhere near the nipple:

this post was an easy one to make; the beauty of the outer banks pretty much does all the heavy lifting in making a case for itself. remember how we went to steph's lovely wedding? here's what happened in the day or two after the festivities:

norah lounged excellently in a tiny beach chair we found in one of the closets of the house in which we stayed. although the chair is norah-sized, in these photos it almost looks like she's sitting in a normal-sized beach chair, therefore causing her to look gigantic.

(i feel in my heart that there is great potential in wordplay between the words "norah-sized" & "normal-sized," but i just started the colin firth version of pride and prejudice & i cannot engage in such linguistic delights with my focus thusly divided. "good god, darcy, i wouldn't be as fastidious as you are for a kingdom!" etc)

(the perfection of that built-in umbrella)
(& the fact that norah's little bikini bottoms are BARELY covering a SLIVER of her monster diaper)

human nature is so fascinating in that one's first reaction is to want to just bite & nibble on those chunker baby rolls. WHY DO WE WANT TO BITE THOSE IRRESISTIBLE ROLLS? like, those rolls around her knees??! are you kidding me with that cuteness?!

the cuteness of norah's little straw hat is almost too much for me to handle.

& this perfectly timed photo with her accidentally closed eyes!!!????

okay, one more. i'm sorry, i'll just do one more & then be done:

a group of us ventured out to catch the stunning sunset, which resulted in a lovely bromantic moment between ben & nate, as you see here. such dreamy mood lighting!

& then ben getting all thoreau/doge on us, contemplating the sunset, naturez, the cloudz, & the vibrant skiez:

nearing bedtime:

i need to work some 'shop magic so that we're not so dark in this next one. i have a vague suspicion this is a good photo of us:

more beach! more beach!

the wind took my hat off a few times, oop:

(norah's hat faithfully stayed on like a champ)

aaaaaaaand there the hat goes again:

look at ben, being so gallant ("gallant" being said with a heavy emphasis on the second syllable, so it's like, "gall-AHNT." i AM currently watching & being heavily influenced by p&p, after all)


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