Sunday, November 22, 2015

photos lauren took: norah & her pretzel.

we headed to lauren's bus stop a little early so that she could snap a few pictures of us before flying home. (if i remember correctly, she ended up grabbing a cab! her bus didn't show & we were starting to worry she wouldn't make her flight. not a super important detail. moving on.)

i've always loved that we live so close to columbia. it's a gorgeous campus & i always feed off the energy of all the students buzzing about. 

norah had some residual sniffles & snottiness from a cold she had a few days before these photos were taken. if you look closely you can see some bogeys (i love that word) huddled around her nose in this next one, & it cracks me up. needless to say, the presence of bogeys doesn't stop this from being an absolute favorite of mine. those eyes!

tentative first bite:

reallllly sinking her teeth in:

i love the way her feet are curling:

i just can't get over the way her blue eyes pop in these pictures:

her crescent moon-sized laughing eyes there on the right!!

it's crazy looking at these photos of norah in short sleeves & bare feet (she refuses to keep shoes on! always & forever. so we let her stroll around the island as a barefoot hippie child the entire time the weather was warm). she goes outside in nothing less than a gigantic puffy onesie these days #snowbesity

norah would have chewed on this pretzel for days if someone would've allowed it:

more photos to come!



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