Monday, November 23, 2015

photos lauren took, part 2: beautiful columbia campus.

more photos from our quick photoshoot with lauren, the photographer extraordinaire & the frandsen family's de facto photographer of 2015 because of the seemingly millions of times she's captured our mugs this year.

stroll on over to lauren's photography website HERE

i love this one of us looking in the same direction:

is that single bit of norah's hair the answer, my friends? because it's blowin' in the wind:

i do like this one, even though my mouth is doing a weird slight-grimace:

ugh her tiny hand on my shoulder i CANNOT:


attempting to fit that WHOLE fist into her mouth:


a particularly effective side-eye:

there's definitely a little bit of "get away" body language in that right arm of hers:

a few teeth (she's currently growing numbers 9 & 10!) poking out of a crooked smile:

one more segment of "photos lauren took" & then it's on to other things!

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