Thursday, November 12, 2015

ragnar adirondacks 2015.

it's everyone's favorite time again here on the bee-log!...time to talk about the ragnar i did. (for run-downs of previous ragnars i've done, look no further than here, here, i mention it for a second in this one, & if you're like, "what's a ragnar?" then i explain it all in the very first paragraph of this post, in which i documented running a ragnar last year while ALSO being 25 weeks pregnant at the time! ['s not something i would necessarily recommend doing]). 

the kids in my ragnar van this year were a riot. it all started the night before the ragnar, when we made a trip to a walmart outside of the city (we had to head out the night before in order to make the early-morning call at the starting line in time). after filling up the cart with gatorade, granola bars, & more candy than we'd like to admit, one of us wandered into the clothing section & happened upon the greatest pj onesies known to mankind. a cow, compete with udders? a pig? unicorns??! we all loved them enough that we purchased 6 to wear as a team during the race (not, however, while any of us were actually running). & it was actually good--the onesies were incredibly warm; i wore mine from about 10 pm to 7 am, taking it off only for the time i had to run up a mountain (more on that later).

we, a bunch of adults with full-time/real jobs, kids, &/or many other serious-minded ventures, snapped this photo that night before turning in (aren't those unicorns magical??) from pig to cow, we are: melissa b, melissa a, yours truly, joy, josh, & dox (short for "brian doxford").

we made it to the starting line the next morning bright & early (too early, if you ask me) for josh to take his place as the first runner for our team. our team name was the glo-getters, & josh, our team captain & van dad, really got into the costume aspect of the ragnar...can you spot him in the head-to-toe neon outfit? (when josh put together our team he said costumes were mandatory. now, i'm not the biggest fan of running in costume [i mean, i'm a fan of running, & i'm a fan of costumes, just not so much a fan of mixing the two at the same time] but luckily with a team name like the glo-getters, i drew upon the fact that i could wear some of the many neon-colored pieces of running gear i own to get into the festive ragnar spirit).

a closer-up view of josh's head-to-toe neon outfit, whether you wanted it or not ;)

we were cracking up because no fewer than three people in this photo look almost 100% naked:

okay, so this is a funny story: at one of the exchanges (i think it was joy who was getting ready to run) some of us were waiting with her at the corral, when all of a sudden melissa noticed a weird looking pile of fur right there at the road. we were standing there long enough (there's a lot of waiting on a ragnar) to see that no one picked it up, or claimed it, or anything. melissa started poking at it & we were all like, "what IS this??" so finally, she picked it up to discover that it was A COSTUME OF SOME SORT. pants, & a weird hood-like thing with eye & arm holes cut out. melissa immediately threw it on, much to our delight, & started posing like a girl whose hotness has very recently been enhanced by donning the closest thing to a wookie costume we'll ever see this side of the mississippi:

the funny thing is, no one stopped her. at no time during the five minutes or so that she had it on did anyone rush forward & say, "hey, take that off!" or "that's mine!" after a few photos, we started having a dialogue about the fleas or bed bugs that could potentially reside in such an outfit. melissa took it off, set it back on the ground where she found it, & we continued on our ragnarial way (i'm also happy to report that none of us, even melissa, were visited by fleas or bed bugs after the wookie incident occurred. BUT THE PHOTOS WILL LAST FOREVER).

melissa sneaking in a view of joy's photos on the left, & joy's priceless reaction on the right:

sleeping in close proximity to someone you're not married to is a ragnar standard--nay, a ragnar staple (melissa b & i shared a full-sized bed...twice. ha!)

dox was a revelation. we're not in the same ward so i had never met him before, but he's SO great:

look at these two. bringin' it in:

the other excellent walmart find of the weekend (i mean, nothing can really beat those animal onesies. i plan on passing mine down to my children, & my children's children) were these crazy halloween sweatshirts. if you look closely, you'll see several avengers across the front: cpt. america, thor, the hulk, & iron man are all there. but THEN there's also digitized candy corn across the arms & back?! we couldn't figure out a method to all the madness. these sweatshirts were as hard to tease out meaning from as the meaning of a joanna newsom song.

here's another crazy thing that happened: i ran my second leg at about 1 in the morning. there was the lightest of drizzles, not unpleasantly so, & i was feeling pretty good. i had to go almost 7 miles, if i remember correctly. i was coming in to the exchange at the end of it all to pass the snap bracelet off to melissa a. when suddenly a volunteer put a medal around my neck?! 

i had to do a bit of digging ("digging" here = asking exactly one person, so, lots of sleuthing going on), but i found out that apparently, in addition to handing out a medal to all ragnar teammates at the very end of the race, they also give out a medal to the one team member who runs the hardest leg of the entire ragnar course. & i guess that was me?! apparently i ran all the way up & then back down the other side of an entire mountain. 

i think i didn't really notice the difficulty of the course because it was so dark out, & with only my headlamp as light, i could only ever see about three feet in front of me. perhaps in the daylight i would have noticed the steep hills more, but my strategy during the overnight leg of every ragnar i've ever run is, "turn up the music, put your head down [raising it only occasionally to double check for bears/murderers] & just GET THROUGH IT." but this time i received a medal for it, so that's cool. you can see my specific medal there on the left, which says "i conquered tongue mountain!" so a) who knew i ran a mountain, & b) who knew it had a name?

the whole team (it's funny--you only see the other van full of people for a few minutes at the big exchanges [when the bracelet is passed on from the last runner of the one van to the first runner of the other van] & at the very end. other than that, it's just you, yourself, & your van the entire time)

most of us van 1-ers:

i missed ben & norah like crazy. i missed norah desperately. i was doing excellently for a little over a day--even celebrating my time off from family duties--& then on friday night, right around when i started running up tongue mountain, i started to miss her little weight in my arms, her bright eyes, & the way her arms would cling to my neck when i held her. fast forward to the next morning, when i quickly established the tradition of scrolling through photos of her & ben for at least ten minutes every hour, ON the hour. i was having a lot of fun, but i ALSO couldn't wait another second to get back home to them. okay, overly sappy paragraph over.

this was a great ragnar--one of the best ragnars i've ever run, which really proves the point again that if your ragnar team is a bunch of funny, great people, you almost forget the fact that you run a minimum of 12 miles over the course of less than 48 hours cramped in van with five other sweaty runners who are all functioning on little to no sleep with limited access to showers, food, or cell phone service . ;)

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