Thursday, December 17, 2015

a snapchatical smattering

it wasn't until i completed this admittedly poor excuse for a blog post that i realized it's almost ALL just, like, screenshots of the snapchats i send. but if you can't stand the heat get out of the 21st century, i always say!

let's start with a baby in a box! (ben was showering & plopped norah in this little cubicle right outside the shower curtain to keep him company, & for how wiggly she is, she actually stayed & played in that box for a surprisingly long time. who knew??) 

a saturday trip to luke's lobster (i DIE at that little combination of gnome hat + baby sideswept bangs. I DIE.)

this was a totally candid moment that turned out so perfectly. look at norah's little scrunchy face! so happyyyyy! (& DANG that's a pointy chin)

the family that wears hats together....wears hats together.

the morning after our saturday trip to luke's lobster, i trekked it allllll the way out to staten island to run the staten island half marathon (last time i found myself in staten island, it was snowy & i confess i compared the entire place to mordor MORE than once). it was the longest amount of time i've ever spent in SI AND the farthest into the island i've been. i mean, it's a great place, & i'm real happy that i was able to explore it more, but after that run i was kinda like, "okay SI, nice knowing you, i'm-a head back to manhattan." 

see lower manhattan there in the distance behind my right shoulder?

our church meeting time runs riiiiight into norah's nap time (rude), so sometimes i head home from church early to get her sleepy head in bed, & sometimes she's able to brave out the entirety of church (it's a terrifying length for someone her age...& for people of other ages ;))  &, despite our best efforts, crashes on the ride home, HARD:

some of norah's sweetest moments are right before bed. she's squeaky clean just from her bath, adorably sleepy enough to sit & listen to at least half of a book read out loud, & she couldn't look more precious in any of the onesie jammies she's got going on for her:

& then this one. cute pjs plus those EYES:

dirty knees at the bronx bonatical gardens:

norah the photograph-ed (photos from this little sesh here)

i want to move into this building:

getting out to the bronx botanical gardens is a schlep but it was fun.

pretty colors. look at that sky!

we loved forcing inviting allowing our kids to sit in this little woodland hollow:

& now, some of the many instances in which norah is mistaken for a boy at the park:

is it the denim on denim? too much blue?? are we still living in such a stereotypically heteronormative society where a baby wearing blue is automatically assumed to be a boy? ;)

plaid plaid plaid PLAID PLAID PLAID:

& a few photos from our visit to mighty quinn's, wherein we ate our combined weight in brisket, baked beans, & other barbecued things:

mighty quinn's was delicious. seeing these pictures makes me want to go back & eat more of their food, asap:

norah made friends with the little boy at the other table:

i love norah & ben's little interaction here:

we bought norah little play-sized pots & pans because.....(see explanation in photo).

& here is one of the best outfits norah has ever worn. it's definitely a favorite of mine. i mean, where even to begin? the yellow gnome hat? the knee-highs?? those tiny blue shoes?!?? look at those thiiiiiiighs!

in which norah & ben are twinning, hardcore:

(even their expressions! clearly we were all very excited to be grabbing a little shake shack)

ben's obsession with norah knows no bounds, nay, nor no limitations of time or space:

& a few photos from our visit to ellis island with some of the kids from church:

(it was also norah's very first introduction to lady libertayyy)

i really quite love this photo our friend snapped of us:


& a meet-up with pops at nussbaum & wu for some grilled cheese & hot chocolate:

it's gotten too cold in recent weeks for norah to wear this bear onesie she's wearing in these pictures (she's graduated to gigantic, marshmallowy puffers these days) so looking at these photos makes me misssss it. norah greybear! i love you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

photos lauren took, part 3: ben joins in.

& here are the last few photos from that photo session we did with lauren. me & norah, walking down our street. our beloved street! i have a feeling that i'll look back on these pictures with so much fondness.

the columbia farmer's market happens every thursday & sunday:

norah's curious little hands (we bought those tomatoes)

ben snuck away from his work for a few minutes to join in on a few photos & say goodbye to lauren:


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