Sunday, January 3, 2016

city thingz.

let's start out this post with photos in which norah is dressed as a young british schoolboy, knee-high socks & exposed knees & all (& she just so happened to be wearing my favorite onesie of hers, which is sprinkled with tiny red riding hoods, because it's all good in the 'hood [okay that was a bad one i know]):

this post is mostly for my own records, so.......feel free to skip past it if you like. just a few snapshots of the three of us out & about--grabbing some food, catching a show, & the like. some memories in photographic form i wanted to have on hand, is all. not that a trip to shake shack is anything special (although when you get the craving you just get the craving, you know?), but i think my people look nice & cute.

i called it a "fly chair" to do a funny rhyme/play on words thing with "high chair," didn't work. ha.

as we waited for our food norah kept staring up at our reflection in the window, & i was having a blast watching her mind at work, trying to figure out what exactly was going on up there:

ramen on a cold day hits the spot more accurately than any other things hit their spots on any other days...did that sentence even make sense?!?

(although i should clarify this to say that while japanese ramen is aight, TAIWANESE BEEF NOODLE SOUP IS WHERE IT'S AT FOREVER & ALWAYS)

i nabbed a last-minute ticket to the lincoln center's production of the king & i, and... was FANTASTIC. i loved it way too much. i grew up watching the musical starring deborah kerr & yul brenner (we were raised on healthy, HEALTHY doses of rodgers & hammerstein in my family) so the gigantic nostalgic factor made the show even better--& yet, the live version infused the songs with a modernity & freshness that made me fangirl even more. growing up we always fast-forwarded through the boringness of "something wonderful," the song the king's head wife sings, but in a weird twist of fate, it was my FAVORITE song of the night. it was gorgeous & even had me tearing up a bit. if you ever have the opportunity to see the king & i on the stage...TAKE IT!

& a few photos from this one other time we went to shake shack (but ONLY for the hot chocolate, & it was as we were coming from the museum of natural history across the street, i SWEAR we don't just go to shake shack all the time)

these next three photos might be some of my favorites of all three of us. they just crack me up every time. MAMA WANTED HER HOT CHOCOLATE & NO ONE WAS GOING TO GET IN HER WAY, ha. our faces all scrunched together! norah's gigantic eyes wide open in shock & confusion!

the end!

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