Thursday, January 14, 2016

favorite tv of 2015.

as always, 2015 was a good & incredibly overwhelming year for television. how are you even supposed to begin even considering merely scratching the surface of all the television output that's happening these days?! it's television fatigue, is what it is. when i start to think about all the good shows my friends tell me i'm supposed to watch, & how i haven't even started any of them yet, i start to look a little like these guys:

(rip alan rickman, severus snape always & the colonel brandon of our hearts)

oh well. here are my meager offerings from last year. again, barely scratching the surface here, folks.


so this show is a child born in the year of our lord 2014, not 2015, but ben & i fired up season 1 episode 1 over dinner (i even remember what we ate: pasta & vegetables! #boring) during one of our first nights in switzerland this summer, & we never looked back, so i'm counting it. fargo!! there's a reason it wins all the awardz!! dark humor at its very best. tons of recognizable faces, & the first season was just, like, insanity (the best kind). & THEN THE SECOND SEASON CAME ALONG & CONTINUED TO BE THE BEST KIND OF INSANITY. plus that main theme!

mom-rating*: eh, probably don't watch it with your mom, unless she also doesn't mind a) the walking dead, violence-wise, or b) sarah palin, accent-wise.

*rating system valued on a scale of appropriateness, "your mom" can be substituted for "you," on a scale of "watch this with your mom 2nite!!1!" to "make sure your mom is no less than five states away before even allowing the thought of watching this to cross your mind" (all ratings based on the reaction i am assuming my own incredibly conservative, but no less beloved, mother would have)


who knew a show about the hookups, breakups, fights, deals, manipulations, & plots between producers, show directors, investors, & the reality talent itself behind-the-scenes of a bachelor-esque show would be so good? oh wait, jk, that sounds AMAZING.

mom-rating: nope. have your mom stick to the (relatively) squeaky clean, real-life, chris harrison-hosted show UnREAL's show-within-a-show, everlasting, is based on.

master of none

oh, aziz!

mom-rating: your mom might be better off watching parks & rec to get her aziz ansari fix (we all need it occasionally, not even your mom's immune to his charms!)

better call saul

we can breathe easy--this breaking bad spin-off keeps the former show's legacy in good hands (can you tell i'm getting a little lazier with these recap parts as this blog post continues?)

mom-rating: much less gritty than breaking bad (saul practices senior law, after all) & if your mom is perhaps like mine & doesn't plan to ever watch breaking bad, than this will be simply a riveting legal drama starring a rapscallion lawyer! both huge selling points.


i was pleasantly surprised at how much i liked this show?? (this is another one that i didn't start watching until this year) don't get me wrong--i think the transgender element to the show is so important & beautiful & provides a peek into one person's journey that a lot more people need to see. no, i'm surprised i like it despite the fact that i find all the pfefferman kids are SO. ANNOYING. 

mom-rating: think about saturn. now think about where you are right now. now think about saturn. now think again about where you are right now. that's the distance you need to keep between your mom & this show. whatever the distance is between you & saturn.


i couldn't leave this one off the list--don't worry, it's not a new show. it came out around the time adele's cell phone did that she's using in the "hello" music video. yet how i had never watched it before this summer, when we stayed in vancouver for a month & ben worked the evening shift for two of those weeks leaving me hours to consume this hilarious show, i'll never know.

mom-rating: funny, with an awkwardness & edge much like the persona of hugh grant. your mom likes hugh grant, right??

shows that missed the mark/we've given up on: homeland (sorry, carrie. SORRY, SAUL. <3 <3 if i could rewind time & rewatch seasons 1 & 2 for the first time all over again, I'D DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT). i'm still not sure how i feel about mr. robot. the mindy project is getting way too real & sad (& i just DO not love that jody/i character?! like i don't see his appeal. at all), but i suppose that won't keep me from watching what happens next. house of cards got me on the fence like wilson from home improvement (although i guess technically he was BEHIND the fence). 

up next for me/us: catastrophe, man in the high castle, the americans, twin peaks (never seen it!), the knick, party down, the walking dead, & maybe this will be the year i finally watch mad men?? how many years will it take me to watch all the shows on this list??

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  1. I wish my days were 36 hours, with the extra 12 being just mine-- no one else allowed! Then I'd have time for the books and TV shows you recommend and which are on my list. I haven't watched ANY of the shows on your list! I started Madmen and The Americans last year and am slowly (very slowly) working through them. They're both so good! And Jane the Virgin. Have you watched that? I watched it one night on a whim and was hooked at the first episode.
    I like your mom-ratings. :-)



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