Sunday, January 31, 2016

galleria magnifico, part 2.

more photos of cool places around the citayyy (see galleria magnifico post the first HERE)

this pretty thing is currently at the david zwirner gallery

doug wheeler's light and space exhibit was absolutely gorgeous. one of the most beautiful exhibits i've ever been to. also please notice my SHOE PROTECTORS that do nothing but greatly add to the beauty of the exhibit, like, what can i say? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

these pretty palms were at the other david zwirner location:

little gallery girl, making her way through this chelsea gallery like she owns the joint:

the greys & whites of norah's outfit fit into the color scheme of the space SO perfectly that i'm not 100% sure i didn't travel back in time to the night before to visit myself in my sleep & whisper in my ear "dress norah in grey & white" enough times that i ended up not only dreaming about it but proceeding to dress norah in grey and white the next morning for unexplainable yet weirdly familiar reasons.

i love that she crawls around with a smile on her face:

always on the move:

what gallery was this? i can't remember:

some great jeff koons at the gagosian:

^^ spot my reflection?? ^^

sorry that she continues to remain the only unclothed one in this photo, despite my presence. sorry, sistah #solidarity

more articles on this exhibit here & here.

& smack mellon does it again!

look at these gorgeous columns of light!! & up close you realize it's a series of photos:

norah explorin (i just want to give that little exposed spot of her neck a smooch!)


also at smack mellon, in the back room:

but maybe don't look at these photos if you suspect you suffer from trypophobia???

norah was in complete awe, as you can see:

norah's all, "praise!!"

she also kept wanting to touch the installation, so...

& in conclusion i don't even remember the name of this gallery--we didn't end up going in, but we (corinne & i) saw this stairway from the street & simultaneously stopped & stared at it before being like, "let's take a quick photo!"



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