Wednesday, January 6, 2016

favorite songs of 2015.

most of my favorite songs of the year were featured in that favorite albums post i did, but here are a few more i liked. i'm embarrassed to own up to some of them:

"hotline bling," drake.

i don't care if you're on a date, in class, in the middle of eating pizza, or currently at the movies, taking the next four minutes & fifty or so seconds out of your life to watch drake's moves in this music video will be the best use of your time today! there's a reason this is one of the most meme-able music videos on the planet :D:D:D:D:D

"anna," will butler.

music magic. so dancey, so fun. SO FUN!

"sorry," justin bieber.

ugh dang it justin how did this happennnnnnnn

"tropic of cancer," panda bear.

so lovely. the first time i heard the harp introduction i thought for a hot second that the song was going to be a remix of nutcracker's "pas de deux."

"silencer," susanne sundfør.

if the northern lights had a voice, he/she/it? would sound like susanne sundfor. just listening to her makes me want to pull on heavy boots & walk outside in the snow under the stars in, like, scandinavia. actually this whole album is amazing, i should have included it on my favorite albums list.

"sadnecessary," milky chance.

okay, so milky chance didn't have a 2015 debut, but i discovered them when they performed on jimmy kimmel (random, i know) & i haven't looked back since. i check up on the internets for milky chance news all the time in the hopes that they'll announce album #2 sometime soon because I CANNOT WAIT. this is another one that should have been on my favorite albums list. i love em.


  1. Ugh, why do you have such great taste in everything

  2. I love reading your favorites! I only dabble in new music, and reading your list is a shortcut to all the best stuff. Plus I feel really cool when I recognize the name of a band or artist.



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