Sunday, January 3, 2016

rainbow wall (& a smashed mickey)

a few weeks ago corinne & i (& our kids, natch) went out to brooklyn to check out this rainbow wall. all in the name of research for fomofeed! friends help friends with fomofeed:

behold the brightness!

(also that very sweet tip-top pointy peak of norah's gnome hat. there's no place like gnome!)

& a few where i look like a caped crusader:

this one admittedly less impressive, how-much-air-i-get-wise:

& then ada & i took a few together. i love this one where we're holding hands:

& then this one, the biggest fail of all jump fails, ha. at least we tried??

on the way back to the subway station we passed this delightfully morbid little piece of street art in front of a...what was it, an auto repair place, i think? i love that the boulder was surely there in the first place & someone really creative came along & turned it into this:

#scarred #whathappenedtomickey


rip, smashed mickey (that almost sounds like a drink, right?? "a gin & tonic for my friend & a smashed mickey for me," something like that)

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