Monday, January 25, 2016

thanksgiving at ma & pa whipple's.

ben's research advisor planned for his group to run an experiment at the university of british columbia over thanksgiving weekend, so norah & i flew with him (one needs backup for that mean cross-country flight) & stayed at my parents' house for the week. 

the moment we got off the plane in seattle ("de-planed"???) we headed to the bathrooms to complete our very important post-airplane ritual: a diaper change for norah, some teeth brushing, some hand washing, &, most importantly, some allowing norah to watch it all from this great wall-seat we found for her in the family bathroooooom:

(the family bathroom is such a perfect, magical land & they need to be put in EVERYWHERE. to think we found it in the otherwise generally normal seatac airport! it was like walking through a closet & finding wintry, delightsome narnia on the other side. a changing table! a toilet for the people! a place to buckle norah in so she couldn't dip her hand into the toilet water or eat the toilet paper! [both of which are things that have actually happened in her life]. when i get the 2016 presidential election ballot in my hands, i'm going to write in "FAMILY BATHROOM.")

this girl straight EXULTED in the first time she was able to stretch her legs & crawl around like crazy since 6 am that morning, when we grabbed a taxi at our apartment to take us to the airport:

norah's hands always turn in a little when she crawls. a little pigeon-toed:

she may have had fun crawling around baggage claim, but she quickly crashed in my dad's truck as we drove home from the airport:


ben was able to grab a quick dinner at my parents' house (where my dad, as all dads seem to do, valiantly keeps the temperature a cool 53 degrees, natch) before catching a train to vancouver:

norah enjoying the fresh & bounteous af produce at winco:


whenever i'm home i tend to get as ocd-y about cleanliness as i do in our nyc apartment. as in, i last only a few days before i erupt in a flurry of vacuuming, dishwashing, de-cluttering, & what have you (not that my parents' house is that messy or anything, but why is it always so much more fun cleaning someone else's home than cleaning your own??)...i'm not sure if anyone else thinks this caption is funny but i crack up every time i see it...gotta carry that baby around when ur mom ask u to clean but u also happen to be a mom!

benny boy was able to sneak away from the canadians for a few hours on thanksgiving day (barely. those canadians can be vicious!) to drive down & be with us. this is the first thanksgiving in...maybe three years?...that ben & i have actually eaten thanksgiving dinner together on the actual day. it was actually super awkward, to be honest, i was like, "hold up, do you even like cranberry sauce, bro?" & at one point he was like, "i forgot you know how to slice up turkey!?? we were finding out new stuff about our thanksgiving day selves right & left. just kidding. we were all excited!

i like muddy buddies more than i like some of my actual human buddies:

& here's our entire thanksgiving crew! minus norah who was sitting in the corner next to me, just out of frame. but she was sweet, nevertheless:

check out the pies i made! i never make pies! check that: i had never made a single pie in my life, before i made these two pies you see photographed!

the rest of our trip back to ma & pa whipple's was verrrrry low-key. a little elf graced us with her presence as we decorated for christmas the day after thanksgiving:

i bowled with a baby in my arms & somehow managed to take second place (although in the interest of transparency here, i actually only held her through just one half of one frame. but look at her little right hand clutching me! i knocked down approximately two pins)


we made it back to nyc with only a minorly (in the interest of this blog post, "minorly" is a word) harrowing airplane ride home, & i'm only just now realizing that in 600 years from now, when they're reading back over this blog trying to tease out what life was like for the relatively normal yet grossly awkward young mothers of new york city & abroad, future civilizations might consider this particular post a pretty boring one. good night, current civilization!

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