Friday, February 19, 2016

fall la la la la, la la la laaaaa.

i've had this blog post sitting as a draft in my blogger thing-y for SO long & i'm just now FINALLY getting around to doing anything about it. these are oldddd photos from fall & i'm just going to zip right through them with as few captions as possible:

no other caption needed:

loved seeing amanda at a mutual friend's baby shower (we roomed on the same floor our freshman year at byu! how is it that all friendships you make as a college freshman indestructibly last the rest of your life?)

yay for face poking!

at a candlelight vigil in protest of a recent policy the lds church released:

we usually have dinner after norah goes to sleep, but every once in a while we all eat together, giving me the wonderful chance to take photos of ben mid-chew:

ughghghghg this photo, these two!!

one of us in these photos is not okay with norah's hella early wakeup times, but the two other people in this photo seem okay with it:

but then that one person warmed up to the early time of the day, i guess (me. that person who doesn't like norah's hella early wakeup times is me. does that surprise...anyone?? ha):

loveeee this one:

morning cuddles:

sweet & cozy at the doctor's office (norah had to get a few shots! tear)

this one of them looking into each other's eyes! heart eyes emoji for days:

bright-eyes bathtime girl:

another insanely cute bedtime story photo (we love that book ben's reading! the illustrator is one of my favorites, she's done a few children's books)

norah's red bonnet! such a wardrobe superstar:

i remember this day we were at the playground was SO cold. i popped norah's gloves on right after i took this, but i cannot wait until she walks & no longer has to touch the cold ground crawling around.

that's it for now!

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